10 First Blog Post Ideas

10 First Blog Post ideas

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Introduction to 10 first blog post ideas

Have you just started a blog and not sure what your 10 first blog post ideas should be?


Are you running out of blogging ideas to write about?

This is one of the hardest parts of blogging. After starting a blog you have to come up with content for that blog. What are you going to write in your blog posts?

At this stage, you have already decided on a Blog niche. You have niched down or not. It’s perfectly ok to not yet know exactly what you want to write about. But having a Blog niche is important and easier when starting out.

Your audience will guide you as to what they want you to specifically write about. 

Google Analytics, once you’ve installed it, will also let you know what your audience wants you to write about.

But before all this happens you have to at least have a few posts up. To start getting an audience. And for Google Analytics to analyse which posts do well.

But how do you decide which post to write first?

Well, there are a lot of options. What I normally do is spy on my competitors and see which posts are doing well for them. I then write a similar post, with a twist. You don’t want to copy people. You want to be as original as possible.

Without further ado let’s get into the 10 first blog post ideas.

10 First blog post ideas

These are also the standard / important posts bloggers should have on their blogs.

Let’s go through each of the first 10 blog post ideas for your blog.

1.The list post / Listicle 

A list post is a blog post that is a compilation of the best steps in that topic. Listicles can get you a lot of shares and backlinks if done right.

Find a list post in your niche and replicate it. Do not copy the content. Create a better, more helpful post. Find problems in their post and solve them. Write a more helpful, in-depth post. Your goal is to write the best list article that there is. If the list post is 2000 words long, yours need to be 4000 or longer. If they have 10 items on their list, then you need to have 20 or more helpful tips.

2. The How-to Post 

How-to posts are arguably the most common and go-to post for bloggers. Simply because it teaches people how to do something. Also, they bring a ton of traffic to your blog if you do it right. People will always want to know how to do things. Especially if it’s a popular topic that you are writing and teaching about. 

3. Roundups

Roundups are an awesome way to get more traffic to your blog. They are especially beneficial to new bloggers to start growing your blog. But what is a roundup post exactly? Well, it’s a roundup of questions about a certain type of topic that is answered by different people online. Saving you the trouble of having to go through all the articles and finding the answers to all your questions. With a roundup, you go directly to the best blog posts on the internet. 

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4. Checklists 

A checklist is a list of things you do to obtain a certain outcome. Like, 10 things you must do before starting a blog, for example. Checklists are very easy to write because you just list the step-by-step action that you want your audience to take. Very easy for new bloggers who are still learning how to write well. 


Similar to the reviews but not quite. A comparison is a comparison between two products that you are considering. You compare the differences between the two. Then decide which one option is the best choice to choose to buy. You can even compare more than two products to find the best products for you.

And you know what’s the best part of a comparison post? The earned commissions can come from it. If you become an affiliate of said products. Just make sure it’s something you believe in, would stand behind, or use yourself. You don’t want to tarnish your reputation and break trust with your audience. 

6. Series Post

Writing a Blog series gives you a lot of blog posts about one topic.  It is only broken up into bite-size pieces to not give your reader information overload. You can also go more in-depth that way. Series posts have a high perceived value and often make the writer look like an expert in that topic.

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 7. Reviews

Reviews are very popular. They can generate a lot of traffic and affiliate income when your audience trusts your opinion. A review is when you talk about a certain product. What people can expect about a certain type of product. If it’s any good and what are the pros and cons of that product. And if it’s affordable, expensive, and worth your time and money.

8. Interviews 

Perfect for new or seasoned bloggers. Especially if you interview a bunch of guests who are experts in your topics. That will bring traffic almost immediately to your blog if all your interviewees share your post on their social media channels. 

Interviews are so easy. All you have to do is prepare the questions that you want to be answered. That is very easy content created right there. More so for a post that has the potential to go viral.

More blog ideas: https://bloggingtips.com/first-blog-post-ideas-examples/

 9. Guest post 

The good old guest post. Most bloggers love them. Why? You get free content that you don’t have to write. All you have to do is publish another blogger’s article for publicity. That’s a win-win right there for both parties. Of course, you have to use your own discretion when accepting a guest post. Making sure it’s in alignment with what your brand represents. 

But most often another blogger can add another perspective to a topic that you never even thought of. That will benefit your audience tremendously. A good-quality guest post will add a lot of value to your blog. 

10. Ultimate Guide 

You definitely want to have a few of these posts on your blog. An ultimate guide is basically just an in-depth guide of a how-to post. 

It could also be called a pillar post. These posts are usually very long. 2000 to 5000 words. Because they are super helpful and detailed. Creating these guides will take a lot of time and research. But the results could very well land you on the first page of Google in time. 

Conclusion to 10 first blog post ideas

And there you have it. The 10 first blog post ideas or 10 blog post ideas to grow your traffic. There is so much more than these posts I mentioned. I don’t want to overwhelm you. Just start with a few and as you grow, you can move on to others. 

We can get so used to just writing about a certain type of post. But get out of your comfort zone. Try a new type of article. It might just be the thing to take your blog to the next level.  No excuses. Let’s get to writing.

Please tell me which one of these 10 first blog posts will you be trying next?