14 Reasons why you should start a blog

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Introduction to 14 reasons why you should start a blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog but not sure if you should? 

You definitely should. 

And I give you 14 reasons why you should start a blog today.

Don’t try and talk yourself out of it. Don’t let your thoughts speak you out of it. Because it will.

Start a blog today and change your life forever. It will change all areas of your life in ways that you could never imagine.

Let’s get started on 14 reasons why you should start a blog

1. Live a life of contribution 

Not having money doesn’t help anyone. Blogging can make you a lot of money. Having money allows you to live a life of contribution. You can help your family, your church, your community, and people in need. You can do so many positive things with money. This is one of the reasons why most people start blogs. To help themselves and their family financially.

2. To live a fulfilling life 

Tying in with tip number one. When you have the money you can live a happy and joyful life. Doing what makes you happy and not living in lack. Not having something does not make for a fulfilling life. It’s not all about money, you need money to live an abundant life.

3. For personal development

Blogging is challenging. And you will have to adapt. Learning new skills is a must. Because blogging is so much work you will learn to stop procrastinating. To be more motivated and use your time wisely. Setting goals and archiving them will be your new normal. 

Many aspects of your life will grow when you embark on this blogging journey. You won’t even recognize yourself a year or two years from now, because that’s how much you will grow personally and professionally in your business and in your relationships. Getting to know yourself better. Who you are, where you come from, where you are going and what you want out of life.

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4. Be financially free

There’s nothing better than being financially free. People, who say they don’t worry about money are not being fully transparent. Because being financially free will take so much worry and stress away, allowing you to focus more on your goals, dreams, your family, and contributing to society.

5. Travel the world

Now tell me who does not want to travel the world? To not be dependent on a job and an income? To work from anywhere in the world? Travel anywhere and not have to worry about money or a 9-5 job that makes you miserable? We all do. Blogging allows you to do all these things and more. To see the world and live the life of your dreams.

6. Be your own boss 

To be your own boss is awesome. You get to do what you want, when you want, how you want, and not have a boss breathing down your neck, shouting, and talking down to you. No, set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want and earn as much as you want. No more being undervalued and unappreciated. Get paid what you are worth by being your own boss.

7. Raise your children

If you are a mom, you know that leaving your children at daycare and going to work for eight hours a day is not a nice feeling. You miss all the important milestones. But when you work for yourself you can be there for every tooth, first step, and everything in between.

Yes, it’s hard work but it’s what we ate prepared to do to have our own businesses and raise our babies ourselves.

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8. Own your time

Your time is yours. You get to decide what you want to do. If you wanna work, sleep, or play. When you want to go on vacation you don’t have to ask for permission from your boss. You are the boss and you can work from anywhere in the world. That’s definitely a reason to start your blog.

9. Build high-income skills

When you start a blog you will learn a lot of new skills. Skills that have a high-income potential. That can earn you a lot of money. This will make you a better blogger and grow into a better businesswoman and help your audience better.

10. Serve as a creative outlet

If you are someone that is very creative and needs a creative outlet, blogging is definitely one of the ways to do it. If you love to read, write and create things you will be a much happier human being. Even just for this reason alone, I would definitely start a blog. 

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11. Face your fears

Blogging is scary. You put yourself out there. And you will be scared in the beginning. Trying to talk yourself out of starting a blog, but don’t do it. Face your fears head-on because your fears will never lead you to a positive end. Just do it and eventually, you won’t even know they are there anymore.

12. Help your audience

If you want to help people in some kind of way, teach them something that you know. Blogging is perfect.  You can make your life better while also improving other people’s lives. Helping them to create better lives for themselves and their families by educating them about something that will benefit and improve their lives. 

13. Blogging teaches you self motivation

Being your own boss will need you to become self-motivated. Because there’s no one around that will tell you what to do when you want to do something. You will learn to motivate yourself. Even when you don’t feel like doing something, you will do it because you know that you have to. And that will impact all areas of your life and will motivate you to improve for the same of everyone depending on you.

14. Being a blogger is so cool

Blogging is fun. For me at least. I’ve always loved writing and coming up with things in my head. Now I get to do it and get paid for it. 

Creating pins is also something I like to do. I’m not very good yet but I am working on getting better. 

Then there is Pinterest. Who doesn’t like scrolling for hours on Pinterest reading blog posts or just looking at nice things?

Blogging is the best job ever. And it has the potential to make you a ton of money.

Conclusion to 14 reasons why you should start a blog

There are probably 1000 reasons why you should start a blog. But you only need one. 

It can change your life and the lives of everyone around you forever. 

You have something to contribute to the world. Somebody out there needs your voice. Don’t sell yourself short and think you have nothing to offer. You might just change someone’s life completely with what you have to say with your blog.

So if you’ve thought about starting a blog, stop thinking and just start the darn thing. You won’t regret it. You will learn so much about yourself that you didn’t know. And that alone will change your life.

Now, get busy transforming your life. 

You deserve it.

Please tell me what is the number one reason that made you start your blog?