18 Amazing Gifts for Beginner Bloggers

18 Amazing gifts for beginner bloggers

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Introduction to 18 Amazing Gifts for beginner bloggers

Starting a blog can be a lot of fun. But stressful at the same time. There are, however, a few things bloggers can use to make their journey a little bit easier. I wrote this post, 18 amazing gifts for beginner bloggers to assist newbies.

Oftentimes bloggers feel alone and isolated because people normally don’t know, nor do they understand the lonely road bloggers have to walk. 

Fortunately, they are amazing gifts for beginner bloggers to help make their journey easier and less lonely. Most importantly it helps us to be more productive and keeps us motivated. 

Here are some amazing gifts loved ones can get bloggers for a birthday, Christmas, or just an I’m proud of you for following your dream gift. You can even buy these gifts for yourself or for your fellow blogging friends. 

So let’s Get Started shall we? 

18 Amazing Gifts for Beginner Bloggers 

1. Blog Hosting

If you haven’t started a blog yet, and you’ve been telling everyone for months now that you plan on starting one next year. This is a perfect gift to give or receive. Especially to motivate the individual to pursue their goals and dreams.

Bluehost is the best host for beginner bloggers.

If you haven’t started a blog yet check out my How to start a Blog post.

2. Premium theme

You have that blogger friend who has been blogging for a while. And they are still using a free theme. They are perfectly happy with it. But they have been a bit down lately because their blog is not growing as fast as they would like, and that makes them want to give up on their dreams.

A premium theme might just be the game-changer for them and spruce up their blog to boost their traffic. That alone will get them motivated to continue. 

3. One- Year Editorial Blog planner

Perfect for the new year and your new blog. A blog planner is essential for a new blogger. It helps you create a blog content plan, including a blog business plan. You basically plan everything concerning your plans for your new blog for the first year. Having a blog planner definitely keeps you accountable to your blogging goals. It’s a must for any blogger.

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4. Notebook 

Such a simple, cheap gift but it is not to be underestimated. It is for sure a necessity for bloggers. Bloggers are constantly brainstorming ideas or new blog posts for our blogs. 

We also have long to-do lists. 

Notebooks are a lifesaver and make our lives just a little bit easier. Don’t forget to pair it with a pen set. Personalized pens would make an excellent gift set. 

5. Tailwind annual subscription

If you use Pinterest you know how time-consuming it can be. Tailwind is a huge time saver. Time us what we are willing to pay for as bloggers in order to grow our blogs faster. So tailwind would be an excellent gift for a blogger.

6. Blogging courses 

As new bloggers who we need to educate ourselves regarding all the new and different four ways that we can grow our blogs. Blogging courses are a shortcut to growing our blogs faster than we normally would have.  

We can learn easily from other people who have already gone through the process of having successful blogs. Therefore these courses are paramount for our blogging success and cut out so much time where we would normally struggle and try to find out what works and what doesn’t. 

There are lot of blogging courses out there some of the ones  I like are:

  1. Pinteresting Strategies by Carly
  2. Pinterest ninja course 
  3. A Blogging Course: Launch your Blog Biz (Create and Go)
  4. An SEO course simple stupid SEO (Mike) 
  5. An Affiliate marketing Course: Making sense of Affiliate Marketing (Michelle Schroeder)

 7.  Blogging books

  1. The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss.  It is the go to book for online entrepreneurs and bloggers.
  1. How to blog for profit by Ruth Soukup. I love Ruth, her book is a top-selling blogging book that every blogger should. 

8. Stock photography Subscription 

When you are just starting out as a blogger, using stock photography is easier than taking your own photos. That will come later.  If you want you can get free stock photos but those are everywhere and don’t really set your blog apart. So a gift of a collection of photography is good.

 9. Laptop and laptop bag 

A new laptop is every blogger’s dream. Bloggers usually start with an old laptop that has been laying around the house for years (like me). We can’t afford to spend money on extra expenses. It’s a cool gift for bloggers.

10. Convertkit 

Convertkit is made for bloggers.  Email Marketing is the building block of a blogger business. There are dozens of email marketing platforms, some are even free but convertkit is the best-paid platform. Getting a free monthly subscription will be a dream for a new blogger.

11. Coffee Maker and Coffee 

Bloggers write a lot. Oftentimes through the night. And we all know that the only thing that keeps us awake and functioning is a good cup of java. So a coffee maker is as needed as all your other blogging tools. 

12. A Comfy Chair

As I’m typing this post I’m sitting on a chair that is very uncomfortable. And that makes me want to finish this post as fast as possible to give my back a break. I would definitely appreciate a good comfy chair. 

13.  Laptop table 

A laptop table might not seem like such an important blogging tool but believe me, your neck and back will thank you for it. Laptop tables have the perfect angle to help support your neck and back.

14. Lamp (night lamp ) 

Night lamps are a must. Like I said more blogging moms work at night because it’s the only time that we have free time to dedicate to our blogs. Good night lamps are a winner when you don’t want to switch on the main lights. 

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15. A quality camera 

A Nikon or Canon camera is an awesome gift for bloggers to take their own images down the line. Or even right away in order to make their blog stand out more. 

16. Massage Oil 

Blogging can be stressful. Bloggers often forget to take some time out and treat themselves. Massage oil is perfect as a stress reliever.

17. Scented Candles

Scented candles with a nice bubble bath and a glass of wine to unwind at the end or the beginning of the day to get rid of all the stress.

18.  Gift Guides

Sometimes we don’t know what new bloggers really need and so the best gift to give them is a gift card to buy whatever their heart desires or whatever they need. They know their wants and needs and are therefore better equipped to decide what they would like to get at the end of the day. 

Conclusion to 18 Amazing gifts for beginner bloggers

What matters most is not the gift but the thought that went into it. The fact that you are thinking of that person. So doesn’t matter if you get them an expensive or cheap gift. It is the thought that counts and they will appreciate it regardless. 

Please tell me what other gift ideas you would recommend? 

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