Month: July 2022

Welcome blog post

Should you write a welcome blog post? Is it even necessary? Some bloggers believe in creating a welcome blog post and others think it’s totally unnecessary. I for one didn’t write one when I started. I didn’t think I needed to. But looking back now I wish I did. It doesn’t make or break your …

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1000 Words blog post

Writing a blog post takes hours and hours to write if you are a beginner blogger and not an established blogger yet. Introduction to 1000 words blog post For new bloggers, it can seem rather daunting to take on that challenge. And most newbies don’t know where to start. This post may contain affiliate links. …

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Start a blog without writing

How to start a blog without writing your own blog posts  Introduction to starting a blog without writing  I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the whole blogging thing. Blogging is so huge that it’s actually becoming oversaturated in 2022. But there are still people that would love to start blogs. And for good …

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