The 22 best free stock photo sites in 2021

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The top 22 best free stock photo sites for beautiful images in 2021

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Introduction to 22 best free stock photo sites in 2021

What is a stock image website?

Stock image websites contain a large library of high-quality images, graphics, and videos. You get free and paid versions of these sites. Usually, most people start with free stock photos. Then move to paid stock image sites. Eventually ending up creating their own authentic high-quality photos and images. 

Most images that you can source from a stock image site are royalty-free. That means you can use them without permission. Royalty-free stock photography sites are excellent for new content creators with a low budget.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the best royalty free image sites. They have over 1.6 million high-quality, beautiful images for most content creators. Neatly sorted into different categories.They are one of my most favorite free photo sites.

2. Unsplash

They need no introduction. Unsplash is a very popular image photography site used by bloggers. Publishing new pictures every day that you can use for free.

3.  Gratisography

Not as big as these other major stock photography sites. But they are worth a look at as they are quite unique compared to their counterparts. They offer different sections of new pictures that are added weekly.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock provides high-quality, licensed Photoshop that can use for free. With easy search, you can browse by category to get what you like.

5.  Istock

A premium stock image site. They do, however, offer free photos that are downloadable every week. Sign up to get three free photos from their signature collection. Then download more free images every week. It’s not much, but It does make for a nice variety of different photo site looks.

6. Burst

Burst by Shopify has thousands of high-quality stock images that are royalty-free. New photos are uploaded every week. Divided into different categories that you can easily choose from.

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7. Pexels

Another amazing, popular and free photo site. They offer top quality and a lot of variety for different types of content. With over 4 500 stock images free for downloading. They make it so easy that you can search by color and category for any graphic you want.

8. Freeimages

Offers a diverse stock of high-quality images. Free images focus on a variety of niches, offering pictures on all topics.

9. Picjumbo

This photo site is becoming a fast favorite. All their images are free and searchable. Making it easy to find great photos to use. With a large variety of free stock photos, you can use all of them for personal or commercial use.

10. Canva

Canva is great. Not only because of their free stock photos but because you can create social media graphics, logos, flyers, and much more with their pre-designed templates. They do offer a pro version that you can try for a month, for free. 

But even their free version is awesome.  Once you set up your free account, you have access to hundreds of high-quality free photos.

11. Hubspot

Not really a Stock photo site, rather a downloadable collection of photos. With different categories. Hubspot created the collection after analyzing frequently searched stock photo keywords. To help marketers, bloggers, and business owners who want to add photos to their content but don’t have a budget for stock photography.

12.  Ivory mix

The owner of this site is also a blogger. Which is perfect for us bloggers. Because she gets us. Her images are beautiful. Professional and good quality stock photos are what you get with ivory mix when you join their email list. She also offers a paid version for more exclusivity.

13. Startup Stock

A curated collection of startup, office, and tech photos that’s ideal to use on business sites. It’s an excellent resource for freelancers, bloggers, and marketers. 

Startup stock photography is perfect for bloggers and content creators that create blog posts. We usually go through quite a few stock photos in a very short amount of time. Their feminine images are ideal for health and wellness and lifestyle bloggers that are focused on women.

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14. Stockvault

Also a big collection of over 380 000 images offered on different topics. The source photos from photographers around the world. You can download and use them for free. Just make sure that you use the photos correctly as stipulated by them.

15. Freepixels

What an extensive collection of a wide variety of stock photos in a large number of categories. To look for photos all you need are keywords or check out their popular images for inspiration.

16. Adobe Stock

If you sign up for Adobe stock for a free 30-day trial, you get 10 free stock images. Try it out and see if they would be a good fit for you.

17.   Pxhere

Sign up to their email list and get new images sent to your inbox every week. If you see a photographer whose style you like, or what you are looking for, you can browse all the images they submitted and choose what suits you.

18. Pixistock

Provides feminine stock photos that are beautiful. With multiple images for different niches, giving you a wide variety. They also include templates, quotes, and other materials to help you create the best content.

19. Depositphotos

With over 202 million downloadable images. Over 69 000 that are downloadable for free. Depositphotos is a global marketplace for stock photos that are high-quality.

20.  New Old Stock

They don’t add new photos anymore. But you can browse their library and download old photos. They offer vintage photos that you can use if you are into that style.

21. Freephotos

This stock image site offers a variety of different types of images. Their photos should be free but just make sure to check the license before downloading it. Included in this site is an online photo editor to use to create social media graphics.

22. Stock up

With a database of over 25 000 images to choose from, this is definitely a site to check out.  Their photos are from several websites and very easy to navigate.

Conclusion to the 22 best free stock photo sites in 2021

Hundreds, if not thousands of new free stock photos are available on the internet every day.  These sites that I’ve mentioned are the best that offer free quality images. I use some of them and they are awesome. Check them out. You might save a few bucks on paid stock images.

Please tell me? Which of these is your absolute favorite free stock photography site in 2021?