5 Easy Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

5 easy Affiliate Programs for beginners
affiliate programs for beginners

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Introduction to 5 easy Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Have you just started affiliate marketing and want to know the 5 easiest affiliate marketing programs for beginners to start earning commissions quickly? 

Of course you do. 

Because ain’t nobody got time to wait months and months to start earning money from affiliate marketing. 

I mean a girl got bills to pay and kids to feed right? 

So we need to find the right products to sell to the person who needs that product. Someone who has a problem that a certain product can solve. That product must serve the need they have and make their lives better.

If we put these kinds of life-changing products in front of our audience, they will happily pay you for it. But it has to be a product that they are already searching for. A product that they know they need. You just need to give them a little nudge in the right direction.

Let’s get started earning these commissions shall we?

There are probably thousands of affiliate programs to choose from. But not all of them are good. And most of them are probably no good for you and your niche.

I have listed five affiliate programs that are in high demand among bloggers, and anyone wanting to start a blog. 

There are many factors at play when trying to decide on a program.

  1. You have to know and like the product. Or at least be very well researched on it. 
  2. The product has to solve a problem for your customer (as I previously stated).
  3. The price has to be in alignment with what your target audience can afford and are willing to spend.
  4. The product or service needs to be in the niche that you are in.
  5. And last, you should be able to make a decent commission off of that product.

These are just a few things to think about when joining an affiliate program.

Here are my top five easy affiliate programs for beginners to earn commission quickly.

1.Amazon associates

Of course it would be my number one recommendation. They are after all the most well-known amongst their peers. People trust Amazon. They may not trust you yet. But they will buy from you because they trust the brand itself. 

Amazon is the easiest program to join. They have no restrictions about accepting anyone. And that’s awesome for you because millions of people buy on amazon. And you can get a piece of that pie.

Amazon is just a no-brainer when it comes to affiliate marketing. They sell everything you could possibly want. Within reason of course. And any blogger in any niche can join them. 

The only problem is, their commissions are very low. But a little bit of money is better than no money I say. 

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2. Bluehost/ Siteground Hosting

Hosting is by far one of the best affiliate marketing programs you can join. You can join as many hosting programs as you want. I recommend siteground ( it is one of the best hosting programs) and Bluehost. 

Bluehost is the most popular host among bloggers. They pay you $65 for every person that signs up. And they pay you through PayPal, which is very convenient. 

Start a blog with

3. Convertkit / Mailerlite for email

When bloggers start a blog, they will need a good service provider. Convertkit is the preferred choice of most bloggers nowadays. Therefore an amazing affiliate program with commissions of 30%. It is very easy to earn commissions from converting it. Because every blogger wants to grow the email list. The money is in the list.  So naturally, bloggers are gonna want to grow their email list to increase their income. 

And that means more affiliate commissions for you. Convertkit also offers a free trial to try out.  They offer marketers many helpful resources to help them make sales. This makes the process a little easier if you are new to affiliate marketing. 

4) Clickbank

Clickbank is good for bloggers who want to promote digital or lifestyle products. Their commissions are much higher than Amazon’s, they can range anywhere from 20% up to 75% and most of the products are digital products.

For more information check out these links: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/affiliate-marketing/ and https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/affiliate-marketing/

5)  ShareAsale

For Grammarly and tailwind. ShareAsale is another affiliate network that is great if you are an affiliate marketing newbie. They represent thousands of different affiliate programs. So you can take your pick and choose what best resonates with your blogging audience. They also have a very high payout rate of $300 to $350  per sale.

The conclusion to 5 easy Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Choosing the easiest program to join is not easy but it is simple if you know what you want for you and your audience. 

And if you are transparent and honest and recommend only products that you believe in and would recommend to your mother.

People can tell when you are genuine and when you just want to make a sale. Show them you care. Provide value. Help them with their problems and they will gladly hand you over their money.

It’s not as difficult or as complicated as we make it. I promise. There are hundreds of products to pick from in any given niche. All you have to do is pick, do your homework and find the best product for your audience and their needs.

Affiliate marketing is a steep learning curve. Do your due diligence and learn as much as you can, about your blogging business, your audience, and the products you want to promote.

Please tell me. Which 5 easy affiliate programs for bloggers were easiest for you to join?