9 Helpful Things I Learned About Blogging

9 Helpful things I learned about blogging in my first year

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Blogging is, arguably, one of the most challenging journeys you will ever embark on. It seems so simple starting. You just write a few posts. Easy peasy right?

Um no.

Along the way, you learn that it’s much more than what you thought. 

More difficult and so much more work.  That is why most people quit. 

But if you stick with it and go through the steep learning curve, you will come out on the other side. 

These are the 9 helpful things I learned about blogging in my first year.

1. Done is better than perfect 

Perfection doesn’t exist. Sorry to all my perfectionists. There will always be room for improvement. Get it done. But don’t do crappy work now. Do the best that you can. 

Just don’t spend too much time trying to be perfect.  Writing high-quality posts helps others without having unrealistic expectations.

2.  You gotta love writing 

You don’t have to have an English degree. Or be a great writer. I’m not. Neither are so many other successful bloggers. You only have to love writing, or at least not want to kill yourself while doing it every week.

Blogging involves a lot of writing. And if you don’t like to write you will become a miserable human being. 

You can hire someone to write for you like a ghostwriter. But not everyone has the money to invest in that in the beginning.

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3. Blogging can get expensive

Technically all you need is a domain name and hosting. Shop around for the best price that suits your pocket. Bluehost is best for beginner bloggers.

Siteground is good if you’ve been blogging for a while and making money. They are on the more expensive side.

That is all you need if you don’t have any money to spare. But if you can, you should invest in legal pages, a good SEO-friendly theme, and courses to help you grow your brand faster. I would invest in a good SEO course and a Pinterest course.

As soon as you are getting enough traffic to invest in affiliate marketing courses. As you can see, the costs do add up and can cost a pretty penny. The good thing is, you will earn your investment back in no time as long as you put in the work.

4. You won’t make money immediately 

Blogging takes time. A long time for some. So be prepared to work your but off and be paid after two years. When you go into blogging with this knowledge, you will be better prepared.

You won’t quit at the first hurdle. Therefore you will have more motivation and determination to keep going and succeed.

5. It’s a full-time job

If you thought you were just right if you post and call it a day. You are very much mistaken. Blogging is about so much more than just creating content.

It is a full-time job. You will spend a lot of hours on your blog. Especially if you want it to grow at a certain rate.

6. Blogging is not all sunshine and rainbows

It can become very lonely. You are alone all the time. If you’re not careful, that can lead to depression. Most bloggers just talk about the upside of blogging and not the downside.

Blogging can also give you stress in the financial department. Because income is not fixed and certain. But all this can be worked around. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. 

7. You have to believe in yourself 

Believing in yourself is crucial. Blogging will test you in so many ways. You will constantly wonder if you are good enough. Imposter syndrome is real. 

More so at the beginning of your blogging journey when you are unsure of yourself. And when you are not making any money yet. Be willing to persevere even through adversity. If you have a strong belief in yourself you will make it no matter what you encounter on this journey.

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8. You will receive a lot of rejection 

You will hear 1000 no’s. No one is willing to give you a chance. These are the hoops you have to jump through when you are the new kid on the block.

Time and experience are not yet on your side. Therefore you need to work hard and be willing to prove yourself. Don’t give up at your first no. 

This is the dream you are fighting for. Let the no’s fuel you to work harder and become better at everything you do.

Blogging gives you many life lessons. It builds tenacity, patience, and most of all you become unstoppable.

You don’t take offense easily and care less what people think of you. Rejection is your friend my friend and part of the growth process. Embrace it.

9. Not everyone will be your champion 

Not everyone will like you and what you do. And that is ok. It’s part of life. Society loves to drag people down to their level. It makes them feel better about themselves. 

They don’t want to be left behind. But they also don’t dare to take that step and get out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams. Don’t take it personally. Because it’s not. Everybody is fighting their own battles. Focus on your dreams and what you want to achieve.

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Conclusion to 9 Helpful Things I Learned About Blogging my first year of blogging

I have learned a lot of helpful things this past year. About blogging and myself. It’s been tough. However, the benefits outweigh the negatives. You become so much more than what you were before starting a blog. 

As it is with anything we do outside of our comfort zone. Blogging has changed my life for the better. I can’t wait to see what I learn next. It could do the same for you. Stop procrastinating and start your blogging business. You won’t regret it.