10 Blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell newbies

10 Blogging secrets bloggers don"t tell newbies

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Introduction to 10 Blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell newbies

Have you just started a blog and want to know what you are getting yourself into? Read these 10 blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell you that will help you early on in your journey.

As you continue in your blogging journey you realize that you were naive, and you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. I was.

Most bloggers only show you the good side of blogging. Or tell you half a story.

It’s only when you start your own journey that  your eyes are opened and you see 

things as they are and not as you’ve been told.

So today I’m going to share 10 blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell newbies 

Let’s get started 

1. It’s not an overnight success 

We see these ‘how I made a thousand dollars in my second month of blogging posts’. And these claims are absolutely preposterous. 

Unless it’s not their first blog. Because as a first-time blogger you don’t know anything yet. You stumble around in the dark for a while until eventually, something clicks one day and it all starts making sense.

It can take years for you to become a success. That is a secret that most bloggers don’t tell you.

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2. Your passion might not make money

Oftentimes when you read a blog post about starting a blog, bloggers will tell you to follow your passion and do what you love and you’ll make money.

Sorry to tell you but that is not always the case. Sometimes your passion might not make you money because not every niche will work out.

Just because you love what you do doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience will like your content.

Another blogger’s passion might be a profitable niche in the first place. And that’s why they recommend following your passion. 

Most of the time you have to focus on blogs and niches that will make money and not what you’re passionate about. Sure you can’t blog about something that you don’t love. 

You have to at least like what you do because you are going to create content around this for a long time to come. This is a business you are starting and you don’t want to be unhappy as you do it.

So just keep that in mind that your passion might not always make you money.

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3. It’s a lonely profession 

Blogging is lonely. You are alone all day in front of your computer. Yes, it might be fun for a while but eventually, you’ll start to get lonely and bored. 

This is not talked about much. Keep this in mind when you start your blog. What some bloggers usually do is go to a coffee shop or somewhere where people are and then work from there. Switching it up once in a while to motivate you.

It is also recommended that you make blogging friends online. But that doesn’t help the loneliness much because they are not with you like in a normal working office environment. I guess anything is better than nothing. 

4. You don’t know your audience until you talk to them

Some bloggers tell you to know who you are writing for. And yeah that’s a great guideline to work towards. But you won’t know who your audience is until you interact with them. You can brainstorm and have a broad idea of your target market. 

So when you communicate with them, you will get to truly know who your customers are and how best you can serve them. Only after talking to them and hearing their pain points do u really get to know who your target market is.

5. Not everyone will be your champion 

Everybody won’t like you. Not in this world. And definitely not in the blogging world. Make peace with it. You can’t be everything for everybody. Don’t even try to be, because if you blog for everyone, you essentially blog for no one. 

Haters will come for you. It goes with the territory. To develop thick skin. People will criticize and call you names. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes the criticism will be constructive. Learn from it. Most times it won’t. Just forget about it and move on. 

Always try to do your best. Be honest and ethical. If you made a mistake apologize and carry on. 

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6. Forget about the 4-hour workweek/ Hello 40-hour workweek

Blogging takes a lot of hard work. When bloggers talk about working 4 hours a week that’s a lie. 

Well for beginner bloggers it is. Because when you start your blog you start from zero. You have to build up everything. 

You will get there and then you can let it run on autopilot. But when you start blogging you’re gonna have to put in a lot of hard work. There are some nights that you won’t even go to sleep. That’s how hard you are going to work so don’t think you are going to lie on the beach sipping cocktails and earning passive income from the get-go.

When your blog is established after a few years. The 4 hours a week might work. But when your blog is new you have a lot of growing, learning, and work ahead of you, and 4 hours won’t cut it. 

It definitely won’t bring you any money or grow your blog.  Most of your time will be spent in front of your laptop, learning how to do things. And that takes a lot of hours to eventually start knowing how things work and then putting them on autopilot.

7. Some bloggers use Ghostwriters and assistants 

Have you ever wondered how bloggers get so much done? You visit their website and see a new blog post, a new course that they created, or new freebies. Feeling like a failure you wonder why you can’t be like them.  


Meanwhile, they forgot to tell you a secret. They have ghostwriters and assistants helping them grow their blogs. Where you are a one-man show, being hard on yourself because you are not doing as much as they are.

All while they don’t tell you that they have a lot of help. Probably more time on their hands than you as well. While you are working a full-time job with kids at home and housework to do. It just shows that you should not compare yourself to anyone. Everyone’s situation is different.

When your blog starts growing you too can get people to help you. To write content for you and eventually get a virtual assistant to help you with your workload to make things easier on you.

8. Blogging is not for everyone 

Blogging is not for everyone. That is the harsh truth. But the truth will set you free. Because if you don’t like to write or spend time by yourself, you are gonna go crazy.

Blogging is about creating content and being all by yourself. Sure, you can hire someone to write your content, but you still have to write some of it yourself to put your personality on it. 

And if you hate it you are going to be miserable. So before you start blogging just make sure that you love the process And not just the money it may make.

That you love writing and at least enjoy being by yourself for long hours at a time. Because you are going to do a lot of that on your own and people won’t understand.

Most people still don’t know what blogging is,and they won’t have sympathy or empathy for you. 

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9. Be willing to learn how to sell

I don’t think I know a lot of people that like to sell. People, in general, hate to sell.  Only because they feel like they are bothering others. But in this business, you have to learn how to sell and not only how to sell you have to learn how to love to sell.

Learn marketing. You have to market the heck out of your blog. Most of your time will be spent marketing your blog and your products. That’s how we make money. 

If you don’t know how to sell and market your blog and yourself, then you’re not gonna have much of a business. Learn how to become comfortable in the uncomfortability of selling to people.

Oftentimes people need these products that you offer. Get over your fear of rejection and learn how to sell. Make sure that the product you are selling to people is a good product that you would use yourself. You can’t go wrong with that. 

Show them that there is a need for the product. Sell the product without feeling guilty. You are improving people’s lives. Be confident and determined.

10. You don’t need to buy another course to be successful 

Every blog post you read, some blogger is trying to sell something. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is their job. How they make money. But what I find sneaky is that they tell you that you won’t be successful unless you buy what they are selling. 

That is nonsense, don’t believe it. You can have a blog that makes money without buying every blogging course on the market. Some blogging courses are good and can help you grow your blog if you have the money to invest. Do your due diligence and research a course before you spend your hard-earned cash.

Conclusion to 10 blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell newbies

There are a lot of blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell beginner bloggers.

And they don’t have to. But making us believe one thing when we don’t have all the facts is just wrong. Because we become so despondent because we are not growing as fast or getting as much done. And some end up quitting blogging. 

Not all bloggers do this, however. Shout out to all the straightforward, honest bloggers who tell it like it is. It’s because of you that we carry on with our hassle. You inspire and uplift us. Keep up the good work.

Please tell me do you know any blogging secrets that bloggers don’t tell newbies?