Create a blog without WordPress

Create a blog without WordPress

Introduction on how to create a blog without WordPress 

You’ve probably heard that when you start a blog, you must use WordPress. Many bloggers recommend it and for good reason. It powers over 40% of all websites. An estimate of over 64 million websites uses WordPress. 

But, you don’t have to. Because WordPress is a little bit difficult to understand in the beginning. And most bloggers just don’t have the time it takes to learn how it works. There are many other alternatives and that’s what we are going to discuss. 

In this blog post, you can start a blog without WordPress. It’s simple, easy and you can still make money with your blog.

Just because most bloggers recommend WordPress does not automatically mean that you have to use it. There are a lot of other bloggers who have successful blogs without being on WordPress. It is wonderful if you want to take the same route. You do what works best for you and your blogging business.

Can I create a blog without a WordPress website?

Yes, creating a blog without WordPress is totally possible. People do it every day. It’s just not being talked about a lot. But it is definitely possible to create a website without WordPress.

What WordPress alternatives can bloggers use?

There are many alternatives besides WordPress. So let’s look at what other blogging platforms there are besides WordPress.


Medium is the most common free alternative. It’s where most bloggers start. And for good reason, because it is free and you have an instant audience to read your content.

It’s perfect for beginners who want to test the waters and see if blogging is for them. Medium is very user-friendly and easy to use for new bloggers.


If you are a non-techie then Wix is for you. Wix is a free website builder that comes with a drag and drop option. It comes with free hosting and gives you the option of free and paid themes.


This platform is used for personal blogs. Easy to set up and use. And it’s free to use. Great when you are on the fence about starting a blog for business. When you are ready and more serious to start a successful blogging business then you can use a more professional blog platform. 


Easy to set up and use. Squarespace is great for beginners wanting to start a blog the easy way. A platform where you can easily build a beautiful website.

It provides software as a service for website building and hosting. Has built-in templates and drag-and-drop elements to create pages. Making it one of the easiest ways to build a website.

It markets itself as a way to create a blog that stands out. Some people consider it to be one of the best blogging platforms because it’s easy to start a website on Squarespace. It is not free but it is still reasonably priced for business owners and bloggers.

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WordPress alternatives


One of the golden oldies. Blogger is perfect for bloggers who want to write but don’t care about owning their own websites. Good for personal blogs but not if you want to blog professionally. You need your own domain if you want to start and build a blogging business.


Another website builder you can use to blog and sell products. Similar to Wix and a good alternative you can use drag and drop to customize your blog. You get a free and paid plan. The platform comes with its own built-in analytics. 


More like a micro, short-form blogging site. And perfect for beginner bloggers trying to get their feet wet before jumping all in. Tumblr gives you the ability to write small articles and quotes. It’s easy to use and perfect for creators who are creative.


Looking for a WordPress alternative? Joomla is similar to but is more accessible to new users. Their flexible interface is good for complex websites.   

Joomla may or may not be a good fit for your blogging business. Depending on what you want to accomplish.

There are many more besides these that you can choose from to host your blog.

How to create a blog without WordPress

Conclusion on how to create a blog without WordPress 

Setting up your blog without WordPress is possible and it will save you so much time because you get to work on actually creating content and growing your blog much faster than if you had used WordPress.

I know I really struggled when I first started my blog. And If I had to do it all over again, I would have chosen something easier.

Of course, it is up to you what you want to do. Choose the best way forward for your blogging business. Because we all have different ways of doing things. You have options. And there are easier ways to do things than there were a few years ago.