How to add a Pinterest feed widget to your blog

How to add a Pinterest feed widget to your blog


Pinterest these days is unpredictable. Our traffic is up one minute and down the next. Leaving us confused and unsure of our Pinterest marketing strategy. We try a bunch of different methods and see which ones work best. Adding a Pinterest feed widget to your blog is probably not something you thought of to help grow your blog traffic. But you should.

If you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog then you know how important it is to get as many eyeballs on your Pinterest account to increase your traffic and get more people to your website.

You probably also know what a Pinterest feed widget is. But you might not know how to get it on your blog. That is what this post is about.

I always see it on other bloggers’ blog posts. And didn’t know how to add it to my own. Not until I came across a blog post that explained it so easy that even I could understand and do it. I thought it was a long process and difficult to do. But it really wasn’t. 

It has the potential to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level. Something we desperately need after the new Pinterest algorithm changes.

Let’s get started on how to add a Pinterest feed widget to your blog 

  1. Go to Pinterest Developers 
  2. Click on Tools (while logged in)
  3. Click Widget Builder
  • The widget builder also creates custom Pinterest buttons and widgets to add to your website.
  1. Navigate to the Profile tab
  • Enter your Pinterest URL then preview the different sizes
  • Use the square 
  • Select then install the code
  1. Go to the spot on your blog where you want to add your Pinterest widget. Then add a custom HTML block
  1. After you have your HTML block, copy and paste the code from the first Pinterest Developers section into your HTML block. Then copy and paste the code from the second section directly after the first chunk of code. Both sections of code should be in the same HTML block with one after the other. After the code is installed, preview the widget to make sure it is correctly done. Then publish your post, update and test it out to make sure it’s right.

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And there you have it. How to easily add a Pinterest feed widget to your blog to drive traffic to your website and grow your Pinterest account. It’s really not difficult at all. And it only takes a few minutes to do. But can make a massive difference to your blog growth.

Pinterest is, after Google, the best search engine to promote your blog. It has the potential, (unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), to generate blog traffic for a long time.

Use this tip, along with other Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your blog to grow your blogging business by leveraging Pinterest. 

With all the new updates going in with Pinterest right now, every little thing we do can help us get free traffic from this search engine/social media platform. 

If you haven’t started a Pinterest business account yet, you are leaving traffic on the table. Use Pinterest to increase your traffic in 2021 and beyond.

Do you have a Pinterest feed widget on your blog posts? How is it working out for you?