How to Blog productively with a toddler at home

Blog with a toddler at home

Blogging productively with a toddler at home

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Introduction to blogging productively with a toddler at home

You’ve always dreamed of working from home and looking after your babies at the same time. But it’s not quite what you imagined it would be. 

Sure it’s a lot of fun being your own boss and a work-at-home mom at the same time. To raise your kids yourself and not miss any milestones. 

But it’s harder than you anticipated it would be. There are a few stumbling blocks that have to be ironed out.

You want to be a productive blogger and a productive mommy at the same time.

Both are very important to you. And you wouldn’t be anything without either one. You simply have to find a way to be successful having both in your life.

That is after all that most women do. Have a career and raise their babies. 

Your life is just a bit more challenging because your baby or babies are with you at home.

But you are a strong, independent woman. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Let’s get started on the tips of how you can blog productively while raising your toddler at home.

Because yes, you are that awesome to raise your kiddos while pursuing your blogging goals.

How to have a successful blogging business and raise your children.

So how do you do all that? 

Well, things can get pretty overwhelming very fast. But there are few tips that we can take to make working from home with small children easier.

1. Early morning wake up calls

You can wake up early in the morning while everybody is still asleep. Most people are much more productive in the morning and get more done. 

If you are not a morning person stay up a little late and get some tasks done. I am definitely a night owl, I stay up late at night to catch up on some work. Do whatever works best for you and your family. 

2. Make use of nap times

Work during nap times. If your Toddler still naps. Mine doesn’t, she was never a sleeper, which is a struggle but there are ways around it. This brings me to my next tip.

3. Keep them busy with work/ fun activities

You can sit down with your toddler and do your work activities together. My little one loves writing and drawing. She feels and acts like a grown-up. And gets very excited to be sitting down at the table with her books and pencils and acts just like Mommy.  

Keeping them busy this way gives you a few more pockets of time to work on your blog.

4. Work on weekends

I know it sucks and you’d rather be sleeping in and spend quality time with your family. But, sacrifice is the name of the game. And it won’t be forever. You are putting in the work now so that you can have more free time to take care of your family and provide a better life for them.

Work as much as you can on weekends while daddy keeps the kids busy. That can usually rack up a few hours over the weekend when you have more help at home.

Get work done that you couldn’t do during the week. And get a head start for the next week to be more productive in case anything happens that might prevent you from working on your blog. Mom’s life is unpredictable sometimes.

Putting in the hours on the weekend also prevents you from feeling guilty for not having done enough work during the week or guilty for neglecting your children.

I think it’s a win-win.

5. Balance is a myth but harmony a must

I know we want to thrive in all areas of our lives. But that is society putting too much pressure on us. Telling us how we should live our lives. And if it’s not according to their standards then we are doing something wrong. Don’t believe that lies.

Your house doesn’t always have to be spick and span. I always find that if one area of my life is perfect,  another area is neglected. Rather neglect the housework for a while.

 I mean, clean up as you go along. You know the house doesn’t have to look like a pigsty, but the floors can be a little dirty for a few days until you get to it. 

Or you can delegate some tasks to your husband or someone else while you spend more time with your children and working on your blog.

Let everybody chip in and help. You don’t have to be superwoman and do it all on your own.

Ask hubby and the kids to make breakfast on the weekend so you can sleep, do some work or just chill and relax for a while.

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6. Fill up your own cup first

Another very important tip I would give to stay at home working blogging moms of small kids is to take some time for themselves.

Things can get very overwhelming very fast. But you have to look after yourself first because if you don’t you can’t look after anybody.

And the most important person is you cause you can’t look after your family when you’re not well yourself. 

So take some time for yourself. Whether it’s an hour a night just laying in the bath. Which is my favorite thing to do. To just spend time with me, taking time away from everyone. It will do wonders for your sanity and productivity.

Recharge your batteries and fill up your cup so that others can drink from it.

7. Know your priorities 

Know your priorities. Don’t neglect your family for your business. Life is all about balanced harmony. This is where harmony comes in. 

Be in harmony with everything and everybody. As long as we focus on the most important things, which are family and our well-being, we’re good. You know what you want your future to look like. With that picture in mind, you can work towards it.

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Conclusion to blogging productively with a toddler at home

Being a productive blogger with a toddler at home is a bit tricky and you are gonna have to implement some tasks and schedules to balance it all.

Do the work and focus on what’s important. Use your time wisely and productively.

Spend time on the most important things first. Focus on your goals and your vision and what you have planned for your family, yourself, and your future.

You will figure it out as you go along. Your schedule, your needs, and your family’s needs will change as your business and family grows.

Implement new strategies and put new systems in place and just try different things. 

Try anything. If it doesn’t work, dump it and try something else. You will figure out what your family’s needs are and what your blogging business’s needs are.

My schedule for my family won’t necessarily work for your family so just try different things and eventually you’ll figure out what works best for you with your blogging business and your family.

Everything else will fall into place. Whatever you do, just don’t give up. Taking a break if you are tired but don’t quit even if your blogging business grows little by little every day in the right direction is a step forward.

As long as you move forward in the direction of your goals and dreams and what your wishes and needs are for yourself and your family.

Don’t compare your life, your business, or your family to the next person. We are all different and unique. Do what works best for you and you will succeed.

Please tell me what tips do you use to blog at home with a toddler?