How to start a blog for free

How to start a blog for free

Introduction to how to start a blog for free

Are you thinking about starting a blog but not really sure if it’s for you? 

There is a solution. Why not start a blog for free? To test out and see if blogging is for you. That way you won’t lose the investment that you put in if you start a blog on a paid platform. You also get exposure and experience when you decide to become a serious blogger.

I’m sure you’ve been advised to never start a free blog. I think I even gave that advice. But as I’ve grown as a blogger, I have come to the realization that it’s not a bad thing at all. 

Blogging takes a lot of time and patience that not everyone will be willing to dedicate themselves to. And that’s why many bloggers quit and lose their investment. Money that could have been spent on another business venture. So the best thing to do is start a free blog and see if it’s something you are interested in the long term.

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How to start a blog for free

Step 1

Pick a Niche 

Choosing a blog topic is very important and can determine how successful your blog becomes. You want to pick something that people are interested in and that gets a lot of traffic. 

Talking about something that does not fulfill a need won’t get traffic to your website, and in turn, won’t make you money. It’s as simple as picking something that people are interested in or a problem that needs solving.

Step 2

Decide on a name / Domain name 

Decide on a name for your blog. It is easier after picking your niche. You can use names that are similar to what you are blogging about. Be sure to choose something that is short, easy to spell, and interesting. Don’t think too hard or take too long. 

If you can’t come up with anything, simply naming it after yourself will do. Pick a name and move on to the next step. Your blog name is important but that doesn’t mean you should spend weeks or even months coming up with one. 

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Step 3

Choose your blogging platform

Your blogging platform is where your blog will be hosted. There are a lot of free sites you can host your blog on.


Some are more popular than others. It all depends on you and what you prefer.

When you decide that you want to blog long-term and take blogging more seriously you can host your blog with Bluehost. 

They are cheap and very beginner-friendly. Bluehost also offers great promotions sometimes and you can get a 3-year hosting for dirt cheap. They are a favorite among new bloggers. Probably because the setup is so easy. 

All you do to sign up is go to add your domain name And pick your pricing plan. 

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Step 4

Pick a theme 

Your blogging platform will provide free themes to choose from. Design your blog with your free theme. It’s a drag and drops feature that makes it super easy and simple. Make it your own by adding your own text and images.

Step 5

Write your first blog posts

Write good quality and engaging blog posts. Content that you know your audience wants. Answer their questions and solve their problems. Decide what to write about. Research your blog topic and do your keyword research. Just don’t be in the research stage too long.

Outline, write, edit and publish your post. Break up your post into smaller 3-4 sentences to make it easier for a good user experience.

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Step 6 

Promote your blog 

Promote your blog with social media. Pick one or two social media platforms. Learn how you can best promote your blog. 

The best place to promote your blog when you’re a newbie is Pinterest. Pinterest is actually a search engine like Google and YouTube. It’s the best and easiest way to get traffic to your blog. 

Google can take about 8 months to find and start ranking your new website. And that is if you use and implement SEO. Search engine optimization. SEO helps you get ranked on the first page of Google. That is where you want to be because no one ever clicks to the second page of Google. 

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Conclusion to how to start a blog for free

It is absolutely possible to start a blog for free. But if you really want to be successful and take blogging seriously you have to invest and pay to own your blog. You will work much harder and be more consistent, committed, and patient at growing a money-making blogging business.