Is blogging expensive?

Is blogging expensive?

Introduction to is blogging expensive

You want to know how much it costs to start a blog because you want to start one. Are you researching the cheapest way to start a blogging business? Maybe you don’t have enough money to start blogging.

There is always a way to do what you really want to do. If you are desperate enough, you will find a way. 

That is why you are reading this post. To find a cheap way to start your blog. Let’s get into it.

Is blogging expensive?

The short answer is, that it can be. It can be as expensive as you want or as cheap as you need it to be. 

You can blog for free or spend the bare minimum to get your blog off the ground.

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Is blogging expensive?

Is blogging still worth it?

Yes, blogging is still worth it and profitable. But it’s not an overnight success. You have to work hard to make your blog a success.

The competition is much more than it was a decade ago. But starting today is still better than tomorrow or not at all. 

How much does a blog cost per month?

If you are starting your blog then you don’t have much to maintain in the beginning. You pay for your hosting and domain name upfront for a year.

That is all you really need if you want to blog on the cheap. 

As your blog grows you will have more expenses. Like paying for a theme, plugins, stock photos, an SSL certificate in your second year, and blogging courses to grow your blog.

If you don’t have money to start a blog right now, you can start a blog for free. Save your money then start a self-hosted blog.

How much does it cost to start a blog on WordPress?

WordPress is used by most bloggers. It’s the most popular blogging platform available. It’s perfect for bloggers who are serious about blogging as a business and are willing to invest in their blogs.

WordPress itself is free. But you need to purchase a domain name and hosting. Bluehost and NameCheap are the cheapest domain and hosting. With the free themes and plugins that WordPress provides, that is all you’ll pay for.

That can add to about $50 – $100 for the first year without any additional purchases.

The only bad thing about using WordPress is that it’s a learning curve to fully understand. And they don’t have dedicated customer support. So basically you are on your own.


Yes, blogging can get expensive. It can also be free or cheap. There is an option for everyone. You have no excuse if you want to start a blog.

If you are serious about blogging, then you must buy a self-hosted blog to turn it into a money-making business. Start small. You don’t have to buy everything the ‘professional bloggers’ say you need. 

What’s important is learning the ropes. Making mistakes and trying again. Once you start making money you can invest in things your blog needs to grow more.

It will require dedication, persistence, motivation, and hard work. If you don’t give up, your hard work will pay off and blogging will pay for itself. You will get your investment back. It’s worth it.