Is NameCheap really cheap?

Is Namecheap really cheap?
Is Namecheap really cheap?

Is NameCheap really cheap for beginner bloggers?


Is NameCheap really cheap for beginners with a limited budget? 

Without a doubt. When I started my blog I had no idea how I was going to pay for a domain and hosting. 

If you have a tight budget, you need to find the most affordable hosting that is good and cheap.

After doing my research I discovered that NameCheap was the cheapest host for beginner bloggers.

Because with them you can pay for hosting on a monthly basis instead of annually. I didn’t have the funds to pay it once off. I was already doing that for my domain name.

So, NameCheap was perfect for me. And it helped that I got my domain name from them as well.

 Is NameCheap really the cheapest blog host?

The cheapest blog sites are free sites. The next best and cheapest way is to blog with NameCheap. They are the cheapest of all other blogging platforms.

Which is cheaper, NameCheap or GoDaddy?

NameCheap does not charge for domain registration like GoDaddy. A NameCheap domain will cost you $8.99 per year, while GoDaddy charges $14.99, almost double the price.

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How to start a blog on NameCheap 

Step 1

Pick a topic

What are you passionate about that can also help people? Write about a topic that you like and can benefit your audience. Make sure that your niche is not too small and that it is profitable.

Step 2

Buy NameCheap domain and hosting

Choose the basic Stellar plan. That’s all you need as a beginner.

Next, close your domain name. Pick a name that is easy to spell and straightforward.

Your domain name will connect with your hosting.

Step 3

Install WordPress on NameCheap 

It’s easier to install WordPress via your NameCheap hosting. It’s easy to do by following the steps they give you.

Step 4

Log into cPanel

When you buy your NameCheap shared hosting you get a URL to gain access to your cPanel, which is the main control panel that manages your website.

To access cPanel go to your NameCheap dashboard and click go to cPanel.

Step 5

Find the Softaculous app Installer

Select WordPress from the software installer menu. Click Install to take you to the WordPress installation page and begin the installation.

Step 6 

Install WordPress theme.

You can start with a free theme and later switch to a premium blog theme. The Astra theme is suitable for beginners.

Step 7

Install Plugins 

Plugins help protect your blog. But be careful because too many plugins will slow down your site. Only use the most important plugins.

Step 8

Start Blogging

Write and publish high-quality blog posts. Promote and monetize your blog.

Is Namecheap really cheap?
Is Namecheap really cheap?


NameCheap really is the cheapest blog hosting platform. It’s perfect for beginner bloggers with a small budget.

You don’t have to use the free blog platforms. 

There are other better options that can help you build a real blogging business.

Start a blog with NameCheap today and only pay for your domain and monthly hosting.