How to Launch your Blog Successfully in 15 simple steps

How to launch your blog successfully

How to launch your blog successfully in 15 simple steps

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Introduction to launch your blog successfully

You’ve been thinking about launching a blog for ages now. And might even have a niche and a name picked already. But for some reason, you just don’t know where to start. This how-to launch your blog successfully in 15 simple steps will help you start a blog in no time.

There are too many things to do. And you just don’t know what to do first. So, you don’t do anything. Before you know it, months have gone by and your blog is still just an idea in your head.

You get frustrated, blame yourself and feel bad. Yet, you still don’t do anything about it. Now you are just unmotivated, unproductive, and full of doubts and fears. 

But have no fear because I’m coming to your rescue. I’m gonna show you the exact steps, in the exact order, you need to take to get your blog up and running. 

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Let’s launch your blog successfully in15 simple steps

1. Know your why.

I’ve talked a bit about this in my how-to start a blog post. Check it out. You have to know why you are doing what you are doing. Why are you starting a blog? Is it to change your life? To help people? As a creative outlet? 

Find your why and remember it. When the tough times come (and they will), it will help you keep going. So have a strong why.

2. Do your research

Research is very important when starting a blog and beyond. It’s necessary to be up-to-date with the latest trends and all things concerning blogging. 

Research other blogs. Learn from them and what’s popular in your niche. The more research you do the better prepared you’ll be when you launch your blog. 

3. Find your niche

It is not the easiest thing. But it’s also not the hardest either. You basically just need to find something you like to talk about. Make sure that it’s profitable and that there is a demand for it.

In other words, find a problem to solve. What do people need help with? Are there ways you can monetize it? Do you like to talk about the topic? Answer these questions and you will see how easy it becomes to choose your niche.

4. What is your monetization strategy? 

How do you plan on monetizing your blog? Will you be using affiliate marketing or creating your own product? Or it could be all of the above. Write it down and get a strategy in place to start implementing ways on achieving your goals. 

Make sure that you diversify your income.  Don’t just be dependent on one income stream. It can be shut down at a moment’s notice. Then you’ll be stuck. 

Have multiple income streams. So that if something bad happens your other income streams can pick up the slack. 

5. Write down your blogging goals

Where do you see your blog in 5 years? The next 12 months? Do you want to create a product in the next six to eight months? Write it down and work towards it. You need to write down your blog goals every month. It keeps you motivated and on track. 

Blogging involves a lot of different puzzle pieces. So it can get confusing what to do when. That’s why writing it down is so important. It keeps you moving toward the important task and not just the urgent wants. 

6. Create your evergreen content

There are no rules when it comes to how many blog posts you need when you launch. Everyone and every blog are different. Some start with 30 and some with just one.

I suggest having at least 5 to 10. It gives your readers something to read while you’re busy creating more content. This way you also see which posts resonate more with your readers. Then you can create more of what your audience wants. 

Long, in-depth evergreen content is preferable. 

A shorter thousand-word helpful post is also fine including your longer posts. Also, decide how often you are going to blog. Two to three times a week or just once a week? 

Whatever works best for you. The important thing is to stay consistent with it. If you can manage three times a week that would be great. Just remember that you need time to promote as well.

7. Buy a domain, hosting and install WordPress

By now you should know which domain and hosting you are starting your blog on, from your research In step 2. Take a day to make sure you are happy with your choice and purchase your domain and hosting. When you’re done with your purchase and logged in, install WordPress.

It’s a very simple process but doesn’t worry you will be guided. After this is done, choose a theme. A free one is fine for now. I use Astra it’s great. But you can buy a theme if you can afford it. I recommended divi. I will go with them when I am ready to invest. 

Set up an email account with your domain, your social media accounts, and your email list management account. Create a welcome email for your new subscribers. 

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8. Set up a coming soon page with an email opt-in

I wish I had done this when I started my blog. It would have made me grow faster. But I’m actually glad that I didn’t.  Because I had no idea what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes. Still do. 

Knowing I had no audience took the pressure off of me. I was making mistakes without anyone watching. It gave me room to breathe and grow. Unfortunately that positive does come with a negative. Because it took so much longer to grow.

I wanted everything to be perfect before I showed my new baby to the world. But, there’s no such thing as perfect. You will still make mistakes. We all do. That’s how we grow and get better.

So don’t make the same mistakes I made.  Set up a coming soon page and start promoting your blog immediately. 

9. Setup Google Analytics and Google Search console

Setting up your Google Analytics and search console is one of the most important things to install when starting your blog. 

Google Analytics provides data that are related to your audience and how they interact with your website. 

And Google search console is search engine focused. It helps you maintain your site so it’s present in Google Search results. 

10. Install the Yoast SEO plugin and other essential plugins

Having the Yoast SEO plugin installed helps you learn SEO. Search engine optimization. Which helps you rank in Google. So you can see how important this plugin is. There are other essential plugins that you should install as well. 

Such as wordfence security to secure your site. WP super coach. It’s a cage plug-in. That saved a copy of your latest website. 

Updraftplus to backup your website. Short pixel image optimizer to compress and reduce the size of your images. 

These are just a few of the important plugins. Remember that too many plug-ins slow down your website.

More tips on how to launch your blog successfully in 15 simple steps

11.Customise your website

You will want to create categories in WordPress. Set up a menu, format your posts, and decide on your permalink structure. Also, remember to add metadata for each post. You must also add a logo and a favicon. 

To launch your blog in 15 simple steps, you have to focus on the most important tasks at hand. Some of these are more important than others. Don’t spend too much time on your logo. It’s not the most important. Getting your post out into the world is. Just make sure to proofread it for any grammar errors.  You can use Grammarly for this. 

12. Create a collection of images

Create images and graphics for your posts and for promoting them on Pinterest. Make at least two pins for each post to begin the promotion process. 

You will create more as you promote the same blog post repeatedly over time. 

Pinterest loves fresh new pins, even if it’s an old post.

13. Write your important pages

Your about me page is probably the most visited page on a blog. Make sure you write an epic one. Your about me page is so not about you. No one cares about you yet, unfortunately. 

Hopefully, they will, in time. For now, they just care about themselves and how you can help them. So let them know how you can help them. Make them feel important. But most of all help them solve their problem. 

Next is your contact page. 

How can people get in contact with you? Make the process easier for them. You can download contact form 7. 

The last important pages are your disclosure and privacy policy pages. 

We have to disclose when we promote affiliate products and sponsorships. And all other things that your audience should know about. 

Privacy policy basically just states that you will respect the privacy of everyone visiting a Blog. 

14. Add the finishing touches

You are almost ready to launch your blog. All you have to do now is add your social media links to your blog. That way people can share your wonderful work easily. 

Check your site for mobile-friendliness. View it in different browsers to ensure a good user experience for all. 

15. Launch your blog successfully in 15 simple steps

Your hard work has paid off. And you are finally ready to launch your blog. But the work doesn’t stop here. Now comes the promotion part. Because without promoting your blog it will just remain a diary on the web.

And that helps no one. You can promote your blog in a lot of places but I recommend  Pinterest. It’s the fastest way for you to get traffic to your site. 

Please tell me how you plan to launch your blog. If you’ve started, how far are you in your blogging journey?

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