How to learn SEO without the overwhelm

How to learn SEO without the overwhelm
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Introduction to learning SEO without the overwhelm

How to learn SEO without the overwhelm.

SEO seems like a very scary word to most bloggers. I might even go as far as saying it gives some heart palpitations. And the reason for this is we know that search engine optimization is very important to us bloggers.

It can make or break our success online. We also think that it is very hard to learn and understand. And that makes us put it off for a while, and hope that tomorrow will be the day that it gets easier. Or a genie will grant us a wish and tell us that we don’t need it to grow our blogging business.

Well, that’s not going to happen. The only choice we have is to put our big girl shoes on, put our heads down and get to learning SEO. 

It’s really not that hard to learn search engine optimization.

I am going to show you how to learn SEO without the overwhelmed and still get results fast. 

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Let’s Get Started on how to learn SEO without feeling overwhelmed and still get results fast. 

By now we all know what search engine optimization is right? 

For those who don’t here is a quick explanation.

What is SEO? 

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, helps optimize your content for search engines such as Google. Getting you to the front pages of Google, giving you free organic traffic. 

Why is SEO important?

Because in order for your post to be seen and read, you have to give Google what it wants in order to move you up its pages. Google users never search past the first page of the search results. 

What is the most important part I should focus on?

There are a lot of important factors at play here. But if I just have to choose a few it would be:

High-quality content 

Internal and external linking

Good keyword research

There are a ton more but this is a post about learning SEO without feeling overwhelmed. So we will only go through these 3.

Good quality content

Write with a need in mind. Solve a pain point readers have. This is the number one SEO tip you can implement. Focus on your content. Write better content than your opposition. More in-depth, quality content. More of everything. Information, pictures, videos, links, etc.

Furthermore, your user needs to find what they are looking for. And they want to find it fast. Otherwise, they won’t be sticking around your slow little blog. Their choices are endless. So provide a good experience in order for them to return.

Internal and External linking. 

Google gives you something called backlinks. When you do a link, you get backlinks and that gives your site authority. So it helps you get higher on Google Search results. But be careful when linking because you get good and bad backlinks. Make sure you create good link-worthy content.

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Good quality research

Use keywords that people are searching for. Include your primary keyword and a long-tail keyword (3-5 words). Sometimes your primary keyword might be too competitive and you have no chance of ranking for it. That’s where your long-tail keyword comes in. It gives you a better chance to rank. 

Picking the right keywords is very important. We know we should do keyword research but we need to learn and do effective keyword research. And just as importantly learn where to place our keywords. Learn to master keyword research.

How to get results faster?

To get results faster you have to write what people are searching for. Help them with their problem. Long-quality content will let Google see you as an authority website and rank your post higher to recommend more. 

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What one thing if focused on will get the most and fastest results? 

If you focus on providing the best content and being as helpful as possible and using keywords to help your post be found, you will definitely see results. 

Is SEO worth all the time you put in?

We all know SEO is worth the learning curve. We are just afraid to tackle it because we think it is so difficult. So therefore we don’t start. 

But that only slows down our growth at the end of the day. It’s really simple to learn SEO without the overwhelm. By just focusing on a few important details at a time. Don’t try to learn and implement them all at once. 

That will definitely be overwhelming and keep you from applying only a few things. Learn 2- 3 SEO hacks, apply them to your blog, then learn a few more and do the same.

Conclusion on how to learn SEO without the overwhelm and still gets results fast

It is simple. To get results fast, focus on what will help your readers the most.

High-quality content 

Internal and external linking

Good keyword research

Use uber suggest or Google keyword planner to do your keyword research. 

SEO is definitely worth all the time you put into it. You won’t see the results immediately. Six to twelve months down the line sounds more realistic.

You will be grateful you started learning SEO sooner rather than later. The key to learning SEO without the overwhelm and still getting results fast is to start with just one SEO tip at a time. 

Learn the different SEO concepts and implement them accordingly.

Before you know it all the SEO tips will have been implemented by you. Instead of learning them all at once and not doing any implementation.

Please tell me which tips you will be implementing in your SEO strategy.