Overcome fear of starting a blog

Fear of blogging

Introduction to overcome your fear of starting a blog

Do you want to create a blog but the idea of putting yourself out there makes you want to run for the hills? Do you want to learn how to overcome your fear of starting a blog?

You are not alone. Many wannabe bloggers feel this way. It’s normal. 

Doing something you’ve never done before can be scary especially when it’s something that can be judged publicly. 

You have to push past the fear and do it anyway. Because if you don’t, you will regret it.

Don’t overthink it. The more you procrastinate the more you will talk yourself out of starting a blog and give up on your dream.

How to overcome your fear of starting a blog

1. Do it scared

You are scared of the unknown. Scared of being judged, messing up, not knowing what you are doing, and probably a whole bunch of other reasons. Some of them are valid and some are irrational. 

If you think that there will come a time when you are less scared to take action, you are wrong. The longer you take to take action, the harder the obstacles become.

So start. Do it scared. Acknowledge your fear then do it anyway.

The more action you take, the less daunting the task becomes. But the key is to take action. 

Start with baby steps if you have to.


How to overcome the fear of blogging

2. Start before you are ready

If you wait until you are ready then you will never start. You will never be ready. 

There will always be more research to do. More to learn. More blog posts to read. 

Until you wake up one day and realize years have passed and your dream is still unfulfilled.

Don’t be that person. Start. 

You will learn on the go.

The perfect time doesn’t exist. There never is a perfect time to do challenging things.

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3. Everyone start at zero 

No one is born knowing things. We learn through experiences. It might seem like everyone knows how to do everything but that’s not true. 

Your blog will suck in the beginning. Everyone sucks at first. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. 

They started at ground zero just like you. 

Don’t feel bad about your learning phase. You are doing better than most people who will never attempt to try.

4. Blogging is a learning curve 

Blogging is challenging. It takes time, patience, perseverance, persistence, and practice.

It is hard work and not for the faint at heart. You won’t learn everything in one go. 

Blogging is a marathon and not a sprint.

It will take years to build a successful blogging business. You will never stop learning. Because blogging has evolved. 

5. It’s not oversaturated 

Even though there are millions of blogs online, there is a place for you. There is space for everyone under the blogging tent. 

You won’t cover anything new. But, you will bring your own perspective. 

There is only one of you. No one will cover your perspective better than you. That is why it’s best to be authentically you. Everyone else is already taken. 

We need your thoughts and words. Don’t try to copy someone else. Be original.

The fear of blogging

6. You have something of value to offer

Everyone is worthy and valuable. There is no one better than the next person. Despite what society likes to portray. We are all equal.

Yes, some have more advantages than others, but that does not make them better. 

You have worth and value. You can offer the world something of value. 

Think of yourself as a person that can offer value to the world. Everyone can do this. We are all born with talent and abilities.

Conclusion to overcome your fear of starting a blog

Having a fear of starting a blog is valid. But don’t let that stop you. You need to be courageous. Your future is on the other side of your comfort zone.