(Pinterest) The Fastest way to grow your new Blog

Pinterest, the fastest way to grow your blog
Pinterest is the fastest way to grow your Blog

The fastest way to grow your new blog  with Pinterest                               

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How to grow your new blog using Pinterest.

You just started your new blog and are looking for the fastest way to grow it.

You’ve heard about Pinterest and how it can get you traffic overnight.

Now, you want to learn how to use this fantastic social media platform to grow your blog.                                        

You came to the right place. I am going to teach you exactly how to optimize your Pinterest profile to grow your brand-new blog. 

So your posts are published. 

Now comes the hard part.

(Huh as if writing these posts were easy. Definitely not.) 

It’s time to find an audience to read your content.

You have heard that google takes three to six months minimum, to start giving you some traffic.

And in the meantime, you must find other ways to get your content out into the world.                      

Pinterest is the best social media platform to promote when you are just starting. It has more than 150 million active monthly viewers. 

You can cash in on all the actions.

Let me show you how.                                                           

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pinterest before but for those of you who haven’t.

I’ll explain it all in detail.                                    

What exactly is Pinterest?         

Pinterest is, essentially, a search engine. Just like Google. 

But it is a visual search engine. People create what are called pins and boards full of content that others are interested in. Check out this post for more in-depth information. http://www.lifewire.com/how-to-use-pinterest-3486578                               

Why do I need a Pinterest account?   

Pinterest is a blogger’s playground. If you want to reach people, create an audience, and grow your blog fast, Pinterest is your go-to platform. You need Pinterest to promote your blog posts.                             

How do I start a Pinterest account?

You go to Pinterest and choose a personal or business account. Business accounts have more features. create a business account, then create your Pinterest profile.                                                         

Your business account allows you access to Analytics about your profile. Google Analytics is your best friend. It will help you get an inside view into which pins your audience’s favor and how engaging they are with it.                                                            

Pinterest, grow your Blog fast
Pinterest, grow your Blog fast

How do I grow my Pinterest account? 

By optimizing your Pinterest profile

Blog name

Include your name and the name of your blog. Make it less than 200 characters.

Your bio

Give information about you, your blog, and who you help. Tell them what to do. Include a call to action.

Use keywords

Keywords are everything when it comes to Pinterest. Blogging in general actually. 

Optimized profile

Have a profile picture of yourself or your brand if you are shy like me. Include keywords in your brand name. Use a consistent username and picture on all your social media platforms.

Create at least 5 to 10 boards to start 

Create relevant boards that are targeted to your audience. Boards that relate to your niche. Save 20 to 30 relevant pins to each board then create click-worthy pins.

When it comes to naming your boards, make it easy for people to find you by using keywords. And name your board the exact name that it is. No need to be fancy.

Create epic pin images                                      

No one will click on an ugly pin when there are thousands of good pins to choose from. Humans are drawn to beautiful things. You are fighting for attention online. Don’t make it harder than it already is. 

Take the time to learn how to create beautiful pins by making sure your pin stands out in the crowd, it will increase your following and success. You can use canva to create click-worthy pins.

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How to start a Blog    

Start a blog with Bluehost and get a free .com domain name.   

How do you make your pin stand out?   

Create vertical pins.

Most people read on their cell phones. A vertical pin stands out more than a horizontal pin in your smart feed. Go to canva and create pins in different sizes. Use bright images that are easy to read. 

Create click-worthy eye-catching pins. The ideal Pinterest size is a 2:3 ratio. A 600px 900px  or 800px1000px. Play around a bit and see what size works best for you and your brand. 

Brand your pins

Create unique pins that people will come to associate with your brand. Use your brand colors and fonts, 4-5 colors should be enough. 

Consider using bright colors that stand out like red. They get more repins than pins with a blue hue. Test out different pins to see what your audience prefers.

Finish by adding your blog name logo at the top middle or bottom of your pins.

Attention-grabbing title.

Your title has to grab the attention of your audience immediately. It does not help much when you have a good pin but a below-average title. No one will click if your title doesn’t intrigue them. Also, use good keywords for your pin title. Optimize your pins for search results. Use a good description using keywords and adding text to your images.

Provide a solution to a problem they have. At the same time make sure to include keywords for Pinterest SEO. 

Join pingroupie.

It’s a website that provides you with a list of all the Pinterest group boards.

Do group boards still work? 

All bloggers have different opinions. Mine is a big fat yes. As long as it’s a high-quality active board in your exact niche.

Pinterest group boards are a great way to extend your reach because even if you don’t have a huge following, joining group boards with a bigger audience immediately increases your chances of getting more followers.

Apply for Rich pins.     

What are rich pins? They are a more in-depth version of a normal pin. Giving more information about the pin. They tell readers what your post is about.                                                    

Apply for tailwind tribes 

What are tailwind tribes?

Groups of bloggers exchanging pins. You pin your pins to the tribes and others to your boards.

  • Tribes are free. I know. I didn’t know this either. You get a free version and a paid one.          
  • Find high-quality tribes within your niche.
  • Make sure to review your results to see if it’s working    

When and how much to Pin?

Pinterest loves consistent pinners. Pin a minimum of 30 times a day. Use Tailwind to schedule your pins if you don’t have time to pin them all day long. Break up your pins to pin throughout the day. Pin to your most relevant boards first. 

Your pins should be a mixture of your own pins as well as other bloggers’ pins related to your niche.

Pinterest,grow your Blog fast
Pinterest, grow your Blog fast

Make your pins shareable 

It sounds so simple. But often so overlooked. Your content should be easy to share. You take hours to create it, and of course, you want people to share it. So make it as easy for them as possible. Include a pin or save it button on your site. To learn more check out bloggingwizard.com


  • Have a complete Pinterest profile. Including a call to action. 
  • Relevant boards to target your audience 
  • Don’t make your audience guess what you are trying to tell them with your pin. Have straight-to-the-point titles that include keywords
  • Use quality attention-grabbing  images
  • Pin manually or use a schedular like Tailwind to schedule your pins throughout the day.
  • You need to have a good Pinterest marketing strategy and stay consistent.
  • All these tips are the fastest way I grew my new blog with Pinterest.

Tell me. Have you started your Pinterest account yet? How are you growing your blog with Pinterest?