10 Places to share your blog post after you hit publish

Why do people quit bloggin?

10 Places to share your blog post after you hit publish 

Introduction to 10 Places to share your blog post after you hit publish

You finished your blog post. Now you have to promote it. But where? 

What are the best places to share your blog post after you hit publish?

Knowing the right places to promote your posts will determine how much traffic you get. And you will only find the best places through trial and error. Trying a bunch of different ways to share your blog posts. Through trying out all the ways you will find what works best for your blog and which social media sites are time-wasters.

Now, you only want to try one social media platform at a time. Two at the most, and see what brings in the most traffic. Testing out different sides one at a time also means you get to see exactly what is working for you and how much traffic it brings to your blog.

Let’s get started on 10 places to share your blog post after you hit publish. 


Facebook is one of the go-to’s for blog traffic. You can share your blog post on your personal Facebook page and Facebook groups. Facebook groups are still effective if done right. Bloggers are more active in Facebook groups than on any other social media platform. But the goal is to join high-quality active groups that share great content. Don’t just share your content. Be active and contribute genuinely to the group. Helping out as much as you can. Give more value than what you receive.

2. Pinterest 

Pinterest is my favorite and best social media/ search engine site to promote blog posts. Its visual content through clickable pins can drive a lot of traffic to your website. With Pinterest your pins have a longer lifespan than on any other social media platform, therefore giving you more and more traffic without having to constantly be active. 

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3. Twitter 

Twitter is a very fast social media platform. You can share your post in a bunch of places here. Your personal account, Twitter brand accounts, and Twitter chats. Share your post on your personal account, with a good quote as well. For Twitter chats, you need a more targeted audience. Search for chats that are related to your blog topic and share your high-quality post along with related hashtags. Remember not to spam the chat. 

4. Instagram

A great source to share your content through visual pictures. With a totally new target market, it can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Create a strong visual post of your content to share on Instagram with a link to your blog post. 

5. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer social media platform. Users post questions and users answer those questions. The key to quora is knowing what users are having problems with and providing questions and answers to those problems. That will give you great ideas for content that will drive traffic to your blog. Figure out what your audience’s pain points are and provide solutions to those pain points. Quora is a gold mine for traffic to your blog if done correctly. 

6. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is best used for business. But if you have a blog related to business, you can drive traffic to your blog with a little bit of work. Build a network on LinkedIn and a strong subscriber base to get your articles to do well and see the interaction. Choose a group and members in your niche. Then come up with posts that answer people’s queries and solve their problems. Stay connected with members and stay active by replying to comments.

To post on LinkedIn go to the homepage, click the start a post box and add the link to your post add a few lines to your post. Add a few lines to your post and don’t forget to include a few hashtags before clicking the post button.

 7. Medium 

Medium allows you to republish your existing blog posts. Use the platform to increase traffic to your entire blog post. Build up traffic by adding articles occasionally to medium. And build your readership up. It takes a while but traffic to your blog will be worth it. 

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8. Reddit 

A golden oldie. If done the right way, Reddit can be a worthwhile platform. Providing real value to users and interacting on the social media site will see you more growth. It will also prevent you from becoming a spammer. 

9. YouTube

If you don’t mind being on camera, YouTube is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. It is the number two search engine after Google. Visual content is what readers want more of. Creating a video for your post will attract another type of audience, which will increase your traffic and subscribers.

10. Email

Promoting via your email list will pull in some major traffic. Because your audience already knows, likes, and trusts you. They will share your blog post more, being more loyal to you. Send an email of all your latest posts published once a month. Any more than that will overwhelm your audience. 

Conclusion to 10 places to share your blog post after you hit publish 

Sharing your blog post on these platforms mentioned above will drive more traffic to your blog. It will get your blog noticed. But also building relationships and sharing others’ content is what will ultimately grow your traffic and blog overall. By contributing good high-quality content online and helping your audience with their problems.

Please tell me. Are there any other places that bring blog traffic to your blog?