10 Critical reasons to consider before starting a blog

10 Critical reasons to consider before starting a blog

10 Critical reasons to consider before starting a blog

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Are you thinking of starting a blog? I say go for it. But before you do, there are 10 critical reasons to consider before starting a blog. Do your homework first before jumping into the unknown.

You have to know what you are getting yourself into. Blogging is amazing. And it comes with a lot of positive things. But there are also some challenges. You need to have the full picture. Consider all your options before you start a blog. It’s always good to be prepared and know what lies ahead of you. There will be pitfalls and challenges on your blogging journey.

Here are the 10 critical reasons to consider before starting a blog 

1. Do you have time to blog?

Blogging takes a ton of work. So much more than we think. You will need time to work on your blog. If you don’t have it now, are you willing to find time in your busy schedule to set aside in order to work on your blogging goals? 

Are you willing to interrupt your life completely? To give up family time, tv, socializing, and sleep to build your blog? Think about it. Really think about it. How willing are you to give up these things for blogging? If you do not want to then don’t even bother to waste your time starting. But if you are willing to try, I’d say go all in. Give it your everything. You won’t regret it.

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2. Can you afford It?

How willing are you to invest in yourself and your business? Blogging is a business. And it does require a small investment. Now as much as a brick-and-mortar business? but still. You can decide how much you want to invest. It can be as little as just hosting, or as much as hosting, a theme, courses and so much more. 

Some people aren’t willing to invest even a little bit. They want everything for free. That won’t work. If you invest money, it’s more likely that you’ll take it more seriously.

You only really need hosting. The rest can come as you start making an income. But you have to invest a little bit into your blog.

3. Do you like writing?

You don’t have to be an exceptional writer. I’m not. Neither are many successful bloggers. But you have to go through the process of writing and not completely hate it. Sure you can hire out most of your content writing. But you have to write some content in order to put your personality on it.

Just think of writing as a conversation between you and a friend. Just in written form. If you don’t like sitting down and writing, you can try talking out your blog post. Use Google docs for that. It’s also easier that way. 

There are many ways of getting around making the process easier and simpler. But the bottom line is you still have writing to do. And hating it will make you miserable and end up quitting.

So think carefully when thinking of starting a blog. It does involve a lot of writing for years and years.

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4. Can you spend all day by yourself?

It’s a lonely business. With no co-workers around. You are alone. All-day. Everyday. With no one to keep you company. Are you okay with this setup? 

Or do you need people around you constantly? Will you go crazy spending so much time alone? If you do then blogging is not the ideal option for you. 

You could try switching it up and going to coffee shops now and then. But the majority of your time will be spent alone.

5. Are you motivated enough?

Are you naturally motivated or do you need a bit of a nudge like me? Most people are not naturally motivated. But it can be learned. People do it all the time. All you need is a strong why and a goal. Then off you go conquering those dreams. 

Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. But it can be done. You just have to be willing to motivate yourself. On a daily basis. Get up every morning and give it your best. Everyday. 

It becomes easier the more you do it but you have to be willing to put in the work. 

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6. When the going gets tough, do you get going or quit?

When things get difficult, do you give up or keep going? Blogging is hard work. And you will fail sometimes. Are you the type of person to get up after failure and try again? Or do you keep lying down and feel sorry for yourself? 

A lot of it is self-motivation, failing, and trying again until you succeed. If you are the type of person that gives up when things get tough, you won’t make it in the blogging business. Because blogging is about trying new things and eventually once you’ve failed enough you will see some success. But it’s not for people who are afraid of failure.

7. Do you feel led/ called to blog?

Do you feel it in your heart to start a blog? Is there something telling you deep inside of you that it’s the right fit for you? That you should try it. Is writing, teaching, and helping people something you’ve always wanted to do? 

If not then you are on the wrong track. If it is then you should go for it. Don’t do it just for the money. I know it might be tempting because other people are earning a lot of money. Do it because you like it. For no other reason.

8. How strong is your why?

Whenever we do something, we set a goal. We try to follow our dreams. With that, we need to have a why. Why are you pursuing your dream? Who are you doing it for? 

Because when the hard times come, and they will, you will want to give up. But your why will keep you going. You why will motivate you and inspire you.

It should be so strong that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you keep getting up again and again. Going after your dreams. Cause if you don’t your dream will never happen. To find a compelling why to guide you towards your dreams.

Through all the failures, hardships, and tough times, your why will help you get out of bed in the morning and try again.

9. How much of yourself are you willing to put in?

They say we have to put in 10 000 hours to become an expert at what we do. When you have a dream, you have to put in everything. How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice in order to make your blogging business a success? 

To become great at it and help people. To build a prosperous blogging career? How willing are you to change? To become a different person who goes after everything he wants, no matter what he has to go through. 

You can’t stay the same and go for something new at the same time. Life doesn’t work like that. You have to be able to die to yourself in order to become what you want.

10. Can you do this for years to come?

Can you blog long-term? How long are you willing to do this for? Are you gonna quit a year or two years from now? If you are you might as well not start at all. Blogging is long-term, a marathon not a sprint.

It’s a business you have to build for years to come. So ask yourself, are you going to get bored down the road, or do you have the passion to do it for a long time? These are very important issues to consider.

Conclusion to reasons to consider when starting a blog

And there you have it 10 of the most critical reasons to consider before starting a blog. It’s not as simple as just starting something. You have to think about it because you have to put in a lot of time, energy, and patience.

You don’t want to waste your time doing something that doesn’t make you happy.

I know we have to take risks sometimes. But do your homework. And make sure it’s something that you are willing to do. To put in the hours because even if you decide down the road that you don’t want to do it, at least you would have gotten some enjoyment out of it.

You would have grown and learned new things about yourself that you didn’t know before. So it’s a good thing to just try stuff. But also, don’t waste your time.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a long time you should definitely go for it. Try it and see if you like it. If you don’t, you can always try something else but don’t give up, don’t quit, and don’t be afraid of failure.

If you don’t like to do any of these things that I mentioned above, you shouldn’t go into blogging. Try something else. Figure out what you’re good at. What you like to do, what your passions and gifts are.

 And go in the direction of your dreams. Set goals and listen to your gut instincts. Your gut instinct is very powerful. Believe in yourself and you can have and do whatever you want to do if you are in alignment with what you are supposed to do.

Please tell me, are there any more things to consider when starting a blog that are important? Please share them.