Signs you’re overthinking blogging

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Signs you’re overthinking blogging

Introduction to signs you’re overthinking blogging 

Any new blogger or experienced blogger can have trouble overthinking blogging. 

Overthinking is a problem many of us have. And that can sometimes keep us stuck in situations we should have gotten out of long ago.

It becomes more complicated when you are an overthinking blogger. Because that can really keep you from succeeding. When you question everything, you end up doing nothing.

Signs you’re overthinking blogging

1. You focus on unimportant tasks

You are all over the place. With your mind going a million miles a minute. That happens when you have an overload of information in your head. Too much consuming and not taking enough action.

That makes you pick all the unimportant tasks that won’t grow your blog but still needs to get done. You end up putting all your focus and energy into these tasks and have nothing left to grow your blog.

2. You’re overwhelmed by everything 

When we are overwhelmed we don’t think straight. You don’t know what to do and forget your priorities. And all you want to do is run away from all your problems. That creates more problems and more work to get done.

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3. You don’t know what to focus on first

When you start something new, not knowing what to do first is normal. That is why we must do research and learn what to do first.

But sometimes we know what to do but don’t know how to do it and end up not doing it. Or doing something that is easy. 

Unfortunately, this won’t make the thing we dread to do get done. It will be there waiting for you once you’ve decided to do it.

Learn what to do first and do it. Get it done before moving on to the next step.

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Signs you’re overthinking blogging

4. You want to learn everything at once

Sometimes we are so excited about a new venture that we want to do it all at once. We have so much motivation and great ideas that we just want to go go go. 

We want to learn and do everything now. You want to learn SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and how to monetize your blog simultaneously. 

This is a recipe for disaster. Trust me I know. It will take you that much longer to grow.

Learn things one by one. Implement them and master them. Then move on to the next step in your blogging journey.

5. You procrastinate 

We all procrastinate. Some more than others. Procrastination is a habit and one we need to break. Putting off things we should do now puts a hold on our dreams.

It may even make us fail. It’s the killer of dreams. Because we put things off and sometimes they never get done.

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Signs you’re overthinking blogging

6. You feel like quitting 

Blogging is a career where everyone at some point wants to give up. Especially when you don’t see results for a long time. And let’s be honest, blogging is not that popular in the normal world. 

So you might think that you are wasting your time. That you will never make money. That making money online is just for a select few.

7. You don’t think you are good enough 

You might not be the best writer. Or someone that knows how to market their posts well. You may be a very introverted person and think you can’t succeed.

All these limiting thoughts are constantly playing in your head. They keep you from being creative and having faith in yourself and your abilities.

Ignore them. You are good enough. You can do this. Tell yourself this. 

If you think you can’t do something then you won’t. If you think you can, then you will. So believe in yourself. 

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Signs you’re overthinking blogging

Conclusion to signs you’re overthinking blogging 

Being an overthinking person is bad enough. Add in a blogger that overthinks and you have a huge problem. But you can work on becoming better at it and even stop overthinking altogether.

You just have to set boundaries and priorities in place. You can blog and overthink at the same time. It’s not ideal but it’s possible.

Just get things done. Do the most important tasks first. Don’t think about the big picture. That will paralyze you and keep you from taking action.