Start a blog without writing

Start a blog without writing

How to start a blog without writing your own blog posts 

Introduction to starting a blog without writing 

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the whole blogging thing. Blogging is so huge that it’s actually becoming oversaturated in 2022.

But there are still people that would love to start blogs. And for good reason. Because blogging is amazing. It’s arguably the best job in the whole world. 

With blogging, you can also promote your own business free of charge. You don’t have to pay for marketing because you are the marketer for your own business.

And that is why some people want to start blogs. To promote their businesses. But the only problem with that is, that not all of us are writers. And not only that, we are so busy growing our businesses that we don’t have time to write content for our blogs.

Some people also choose to have multiple blogs to diversify their income. Which means creating a lot more content. So you can imagine how that can become a problem when you have to create content for two or more blogs and you are only one person. 

There are however a few bloggers who manage to get it all done. But I’m sure they have some help. There are a lot of ways to get all your blogging tasks done. You just have to be smart about it and find a way to do it. 

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And that brings us to the question of how to start a blog without writing any or all of your blog content.

You can start a blog by outsourcing some or all your writing content.

4 Tips to start a blog without writing 

1. Use a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is writing a piece of content under someone else’s name. For example, as a freelancer, you can be hired to write blog posts for someone else’s blog.

It is essentially where someone else’s byline is on your piece of content that you wrote. That is what being a ghostwriter means.

You get someone to create your content for you. Paying someone to write content for your blog. By doing this you can concentrate on your business and on the things that you can do and are more passionate about.

When you are looking for someone to create content for your blog. Find someone whose voice is similar to yours. You have to have the same understanding of what you are trying to create. It would be best if you also found someone who is flexible and who understands your vision. Someone who won’t clash with your ideas and with your writing style.

Because let’s face it, writing is not for everybody. You need to have some passion for it. Because it takes a lot of time to sit down and come up with quality content to put on your blog.

Even if you don’t have a business and you just want to start a blog to promote your affiliate marketing links or courses that you want to create.

That’s also a good idea to start a blog because it will promote your products and your courses.

2. Freelance writers 

Freelance writing is a career of a professional writer that works as a contractor on a part-time basis. Freelancers offer their writing services to different companies and clients, to work on a variety of writing projects. They are self-employed and do not work a 9-5. 

Freelancing is cool because you pick the projects you want to work on. And you also set your own pay rate.

Freelancing is almost the same as using a ghostwriter. Only you get different people to write content for your website. 

All you have to do is find someone on Upwork or Freelancer that has a writing style that you like and pay them to create content for your website.

How to start a blog without writing a blog post

3. Guest blogging 

Guest blogging is when you invite someone from outside of your business to write a blog post that will be published on your website. The writer almost always works in the same industry as you and is an expert on the subject that you are talking about.

You use bloggers who want to get their names out there by guest blogging on someone’s blog with a bigger following than them. But that entails some work on your part to grow your blog to a certain degree that you have a big audience. 

Guest blogging is beneficial for both parties. You get good-written blog posts that you don’t have to write and the guest blogger gets the chance to grow their audience.

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4. Use Google Docs to talk your blog posts out

With Google docs, you still have to create content, but it is much easier to talk out your posts than it is staring at a screen not knowing what to write. 

Talking is so much easier than writing. Now obviously you need to have an outline before you start. You can’t just start blabbering about anything and everything. 

Brainstorm some ideas. Create your outline, think about what points you’d like to make, then start writing. You will notice that the words will just start flowing. 

When you think you’ve added enough helpful content and accomplished the point of writing about your blog topic, take a break then come back and edit like a mad woman or man.

You will be left with a good blog post that didn’t take you days to create. It works wonders. I create most of my blog posts this way.

Conclusion to start a blog without writing 

It’s definitely possible to start a blog without writing your own content. You just have to plan and be strategic about doing it. If you love writing but don’t have time to create all your content then take on guest blogging. 

If you don’t like writing at all you can use a combination of a ghostwriter and freelance writers to create all your blog content. 

And of course, you can use Google docs or any other type of voice-to-text app. There are quite a few more advanced options these days. 

There are definitely many options if you really want to do blogging. You might have to pay for a lot of these services but you will get back your initial investment. 

It’s all about testing things out and seeing what works easier for your blog business. Find what works best for your blogging business and tweak it accordingly.