6 Tips to increase Pinterest traffic

6 Tips to increase Pinterest traffic

6 Steps to grow your Pinterest blog traffic

Introduction to 6 Tips to increase Pinterest traffic

Are you on the Pinterest merry-go-round that doesn’t seem to get you anywhere?

You are not the only one. Pinterest is an anomaly to many content creators these days. Most days we feel like quitting Pinterest, but that is not a possibility for many bloggers. Because, if done right, Pinterest has the potential to explode your blog traffic in a short space of time. Unlike Google, which takes months to start ranking our posts.

So, we have to figure out how the new Pinterest algorithm works. And make it work for our blogging businesses. The most important thing with Pinterest right now is to try different things and see what works for you. This is what I’m doing right now. When my traffic dropped from 100k to 3K, I almost cried. After having a pity party and feeling sorry for myself, I got back up and got to work.

I tried a few different things that didn’t seem to work. Then I tried a few more and finally, I started seeing some growth a few months later. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s growing at a snail pace but still, it’s growing. And I realize that there is more I can do to accelerate that growth, which I will implement in the coming months.

Remember though, that with Pinterest consistency is key.

The following are actionable, proven Pinterest tips to grow your blog and get traffic to your blog fast.

Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine, not just a social media platform? We don’t go on it to chit-chat. It’s used for information, inspiration, and ideas.

Let’s get started on building a Pinterest strategy to grow blog traffic fast.

First things first.

You want to have the following in place:

1.Sign up for a Pinterest business account 

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for a business account. It’s totally free and includes Analytics that shows your top-performing pins and how much traffic you get to your blog.

2.Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins make your pins more valuable; it makes Pinterest read your pins better.

Steps to grow your Pinterest traffic 

1.Optimize your Pinterest Account 

Use keywords in your:

Board Names and Description

Pin Titles and Description:

Use relevant keywords but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to keyword stuff. Use keywords that are most likely to attract your ideal reader.

Board Titles and descriptions: 

Your job is to help Pinterest understand what your pins are about. Therefore, use keywords to explain to Pinterest how your pins in each board relate to each other.

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2.Create beautiful pins 

Your entire Pinterest profile can be on point. But if your pins suck, you’re not going to grow your traffic. Now I get it you might not be a graphic designer, neither am I. We have to learn to create eye-catching, beautiful pins.

2.1. Bright colors 

The color should be bright. Warm – Red and pink tones.

2.2 Add a text overlay

Have a benefit-driven title. Your title should show the result and create curiosity. Why should they read your blog post? 

2.3 Brand your pins and add a Logo

Placing the name of your blog on the top middle or bottom middle to give your pins a cohesive touch. It will take a while to find your brand style. All you really need is to find your signature color and font that your audience will come to associate with your pins.

2.4 Pin Size 

Use the right pin ratio of 2.3. (600 ×900) or (1000×1500). Vertical images perform the best and are the most shared on Pinterest. 

2.5 Use stock images 

Use free or paid stock images. I use the free images in Canva. You can also use Unsplash, Pexels, and other free or paid stock photos. Or you can take your own pictures. That will make your pins stand out more.

More Pin tips:

● Make the text on your pins big and bold.

●Use limited script fonts. They are pretty but difficult to read. 

●Use a contrasting color to make everything stand out. 

●Bold and simple fonts like sans-serif fonts are easy to read. 

● Add share buttons on your blog posts and a Call to Action. 

Tips to increase Pinterest traffic

3.Pin Manually

I pin manually. Although I love tailwind, it didn’t do much for my traffic. And it’s not as useful as it used to be.

Since I’m not based in the USA where most of my audience is, I use Pinterest to schedule my pins. I’m usually asleep when my audience is active.

I pin 3-5 of my own pins a day, scheduling it for the most optimized times that I know my audience is online. 

During the day I will pin other bloggers’ pins that I know my audience will benefit from. 

I save my new pin to my most relevant board first then create more pins to pin to group boards. Using new pins every time. I don’t repin my own pins anymore. My traffic drops immediately if I do.

4.Create Multiple pins per post

Adding on what I just said, I rotate my blog posts according to the order I wrote them in WordPress. Starting at the very first post I wrote. Creating pins for each of my blog posts. Usually, only 5 or 10 at a time, depending on how much I have to do that day. I try to batch my blogging tasks by creating multiple pins per blog post. Giving that post a lot of exposure and potential to grow.

Also, since you can’t create a blog post every day because of the amount of time it takes, creating a pin is much easier. Fresh new pins are what will grow your Pinterest traffic since that is the new Pinterest best practice.

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5. Consistency 

You can do all of the above. But if you don’t stay consistent none of this will work. So, you have to work at this every single day to see results. Sometimes you will do the work and not see any results but you have to keep at it. Pinterest is not as instant as we are made to believe.

It does take some time, work, and effort. Not as long as Google though. Thank God. It is also not an overnight success. Therefore you have to stay consistent and keep doing the work. The results will come. 

There are a lot of tools at your disposal that can help you automate your results.

6. Be Patient 

I bet you saw this one coming. Obviously, we can’t talk about blogging and not have a conversation about patience. They go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other.

So, be patient. It takes time for a pin to appear high in search (and that might not even happen.) Not all pins will appear high in search. And that is okay too. You will still get enough traffic to your blog. The more pins you create the better your chances of going viral and the more traffic back to your blog.

And all this takes time. It can take months for a pin to start ranking, even on Pinterest. Don’t let it stop you from trying. Pinterest is still the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog.

Conclusion to 6 Tips to increase Pinterest traffic

And there you have it. My 6 tips to increase your Pinterest traffic. Know that it won’t happen overnight. You will have to put in some work, so stay consistent and be patient. That is how it is with everything. 

Remember to optimize your Pinterest account, create beautiful pins, pin manually or through tailwind and create multiple pins per post. 

Please tell me. What Pinterest tips do you use to increase Pinterest traffic?