Valentine’s day blog post ideas

Valentine’s day blog post ideas

Introduction to Valentine’s Day blog post ideas

It’s almost the most romantic time of the year. And that means getting your Valentine’s day related content out.

I know you probably think that there is no way in hell you can write a post about Valentine’s day right?


You absolutely can.

You can write seasonal content about anything. All you have to do is be smart about it. Seasonal content will help during those slower traffic months when traffic is at its lowest.

Most people struggle to find seasonal content that best fits their niche. That’s why posts like these exist and are so popular. Get your creative juices flowing with these ideas for your Valentine’s blog post content.

Let’s take a look at Valentine’s day blog post ideas for all bloggers

Valentine’s Day blog post ideas per niche.

1.  Health and fitness

If you are a health and fitness blogger, you probably think that there’s no way that you can create a post around Valentine’s day. But actually, you are wrong, because this is your opportunity to provide content for couples who are looking to get fit in 2021 and to encourage their partner.

1. The couple’s gym workout challenge

2. Getting fit for valentine’s day 

3. Healthy valentine’s day romantic meals

4. Best vegan valentine’s day recipes

5. 6 Reasons to work out with your partner

2. Home and Decor

Coming up with content for this niche is easy because there are Decor trends for every season.

1. Decorating ideas for valentine’s day 

2. How to decorate your home inexpensively 

3. List of romantic scented candles 

4. How to add romantic decor for Valentine’s day

5. Valentine’s day Decor trends for 2022

3. Food

Valentine’s day is great for food bloggers. You can incorporate valentine’s into any food and make it a valentine’s day theme with red and heart shapes.

1. The Ultimate valentine’s day meal

2. Sweet valentine’s day desserts 

3. Easy Valentine’s day meals

4. Valentine’s day meals to surprise your significant other

5. How to cook the perfect three-course meal

Valentine’s day blog post ideas

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle bloggers have a variety of choices to choose from. They can write about a wide range of topics around Valentine’s day.

1. Valentine’s day ideas for the non-romantic 

2. What to do when you single on Valentine’s day

3. Bedrooms looks for Valentine’s day

4. Best Valentine’s day quotes 

5. Roundup for extravagant Valentine’s day gift ideas

5. Craft and DIY

Valentine’s Day is great for craft and DIY bloggers because you can create so many handcrafted gifts to give to your loved ones.

1. DIY Valentine’s day gift ideas for couples

2. Home decorating ideas for valentine’s day

3.10 Valentine’s day crafts

4. Heart-shaped valentine’s day crafts 

5. How to add romance to your decor

6. Finance

Finance is not as easy as other blog niches. But where there’s a will there’s a way.

1. A no spend valentine’s day

2. 10 Valentine’s day at home activities

3. Free date night ideas

4. How to have a romantic Valentine’s day on a budget

5. Gift ideas under $10 each

Valentine’s day blog post ideas

7. Business 

People usually tend to overspend during a special occasion and Valentine’s Day is a massive occasion that people overspend on. You can give your readers tips and tricks on how they can save money during Valentine’s day.

1. Valentine’s day date night on a budget

2. How to save on Valentine’s day

3. Creative ways to spend less on Valentine’s day

4. Is Valentine’s day just a money-making scheme?

5. Statistics on consumer spending during Valentine’s day

8. Travel 

The tourism industry is just starting to pick up again. Which makes it the perfect time to start traveling again.

1. A post about the most romantic countries you want to travel to

2. A bucket list to travel to

3. List of the most romantic hotels in the world

4. Romantic proposal in Paris

5. How to celebrate Valentine’s day when traveling 

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9. Mom bloggers

Mom bloggers have a lot of blog topics to work with when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s day gifts kids will love 

2. How moms can make valentine’s day special 

3. Valentine’s day treats for the family

4. Date night ideas for parents

5. Valentine’s day ideas when you expecting

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Valentine’s day blog post ideas

10. Beauty 

There is so much to choose from when you are a beauty blogger. The possibilities are endless. 

1. Best beauty gifts for her

2. Your go-to makeup look on Valentine’s day

3. Valentine’s dinner date makeup 

4. 16 Sexy looks for Valentine’s day

5. Best rose gold beauty gifts

11. Fashion 

Fashion brings a lot of opportunities on Valentine’s day. Everybody dresses up to go on dates making it easy for you to write blog content. 

1. Date night outfit ideas

2. Best Valentine’s day fashion looks

3. Valentine’s day outfits that aren’t dresses

4. Cute loungewear for Valentine’s day

5. Romantic make-up looks

12. Self-care 

We need to practice self-care in all areas of our lives. You will definitely find topics to write about in this blogging niche.

1. Self-care tips for valentine’s day

2. Couple’s self-care routine on Valentine’s day

3. How to be kind to yourself when you alone on Valentine’s day

4. Celebrate yourself on Valentine’s day

5. Self-care activities for single women on Valentine’s day

Gift Guide Valentine’s day ideas

Gift guides are always a winner. So if you can write a gift guide about Valentine’s day, you are golden.

  1. Valentine’s day gift guide for 2022
  2. Unique gift guide ideas
  3. The ultimate gift guide for bloggers 
  4. Gift guide for savers
  5. Gifts for kids
  6. Valentine’s day ideas to show how much you love him/her
  7. Romantic gifts for her

Conclusion to Valentine’s Day blog post ideas

I hope you found this Valentine’s day content ideas post useful. Get your creativity flowing and write interesting content for your blog this Valentine’s day. 

Seasonal content always does well and is, sure enough, gonna bring you content for years to come.