Welcome blog post

Welcome blog post

Should you write a welcome blog post?

Is it even necessary? Some bloggers believe in creating a welcome blog post and others think it’s totally unnecessary. I for one didn’t write one when I started. I didn’t think I needed to. But looking back now I wish I did. It doesn’t make or break your blogging career but it is nice to have a blog post.

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Introduction to a welcome blog post

This post introduces your blog to the world. It should set the stage for what your readers can expect from you. You should establish yourself very early on as an authoritative blogger that produces quality and engaging blog content.

Do you want to write a welcome blog post but have no idea where to begin? Maybe you are a new blogger and don’t know what your first blog post should be. Perhaps you don’t just want to jump in and start creating content. 

You want to be strategic and first introduce yourself and tell your readers a bit about yourself and what you plan to accomplish with this blog.

Tips on how to write a welcome blog post

Writing a welcome blog post also creates more of a connection with your audience. They get to know you on a more personal level than they normally would when you are creating content that is more about the reader and not yourself. 

And that is the type of content that you will create most of the time. So your first blog post is the only chance you will get to tell your audience a little bit about yourself. Except when you add information here and there in your blog posts.

How to write a welcome blog post in 2022

1. Know your Audience 

Before writing your first blog post you have to know your audience. Who are you talking to and what do you have to say? 

You should have some idea because of the about me page that you write when you started your blog and added all the necessary pages to it.

Knowing who you are writing for is very important. It also helps you get crystal clear on the content you want to create. This way your content won’t be all over the place. 

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2. Let your audience know who you are 

This is the perfect time to introduce yourself. Tell your readers who you are and why you decided to start a blog. This is where you get real personal and try to create a connection with your readers. 

They may be in the same boat you found yourself in not too long ago. And they may have given up and have no hope. 

This is where you help them. Let them know that any is possible and that where they’re at now does not have to be where they stay.

How to write a welcome blog post

3. How can you help them?

Let them know how you are going to help them. What problems you are going to help them with. Make it clear what you can do for them and why they should stick around. 

Touch on their pain points. Not to manipulate them, but because you truly know how they feel and where they’re at. Get them from point a to point b. Let them know you care about them and their goals.

Conclusion to your welcome blog post 

Your welcome blog post won’t be as long as a normal article. And that’s fine because you don’t really have a lot to say. So don’t expect it to be a long post. 

Because it is basically just you telling your audience who you are, what your blog is about, what you can do for your audience, and why they need to stick around. It doesn’t have to be a 1000-word blog post. That will come when you start writing engaging, informative blog posts that actually solve a problem and help your audience.

Also, you don’t have to write a welcome blog post if you don’t want to. You can get straight into the meat and potatoes blog posts of 1000 words +. It’s all up to you. You decide what you want to do and what’s best for you and your blog.