what is a niche that has low competition?

Low-competition blog niche

Introduction to what is a niche that has low competition

Starting a blog is easy. But starting a low-competition niche blog is hard. You have to do the work to know what to do. It can get very difficult and some wannabe bloggers get stuck and others even quit before starting. 

Luckily for the ones that don’t give up, there are tons of information out there to help you figure this stuff out.

What is a blog niche?

According to Wikipedia niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market.

Which means that you select a blog niche or topic to focus your blog content around.

A specific niche will keep you focused and help you grow a targeted audience that will become loyal followers. You build authority and become the go-to person as a leader in your field. 

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Why is choosing a niche important?

Picking the right niche is important for you, your audience, and your business goals. It has an effect on how fast you become successful and how much money you make. So, I’d say that it’s pretty important that you choose the right niche.

If you pick a niche that is too competitive your blog will struggle to get any momentum and you might quit before you see results.

You also don’t want to pick a topic that doesn’t have a demand. Because then it would also fail.

Low-competition blog niche

What are the most profitable blog niches?

Any niche has the potential to become profitable. Here is a list of the most used blogging niches.

  1. Finance blogs
  2. Health and Fitness 
  3. Parenting blogs
  4. Travel blogs
  5. Making online money blogs
  6. Food blogs
Evergreen blog niches

What is a niche that has low competition?

Education is one of the most overlooked low-competition blog niches. Provided that you pick a sub-niche like crafting that is very specific, profitable, and still popular.

Think about picking micro niches that have low competition like the following 

  1. Gaming
  2. Organic products 
  3. Pet care 
  4. Airlines and Hotel booking
  5. Insurance and Investment 

You can find low-competition niches by searching for topics on Google trends. 

Profitable blog niches with low competition 

  1. Budgeting 
  2. Financial independence 
  3. Personal Finance for teens
  4. Personal Finance for over 40’s
  5. Saving money 

Which niche is evergreen, searched a lot, and has low competition?

In my opinion, I think it’s pets. With all the animal content on social media, we all know that pets are very popular. But as a blog niche it’s low competition, searched a lot, and will always be evergreen.

Conclusion to what is a niche that has low competition? 

It might seem like there are no more low-competition profitable blog niches. But there are. It just takes some brainstorming and research to find those gems.

It’s definitely worth all the work. 

This is a start to help you get your creative juices flowing and search for blog topics that can be profitable and have low competition.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, now is the perfect time to start that side hustle you’ve been putting off all year. 

Who knows this might become your main job in the next year.