What not to do when starting a blog

What not to do when starting a blog

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Introduction to what not to do when starting a blog

Do you want to start a blog but have no idea what it entails? All the dos and don’ts of blogging? You often see blog posts telling you what to do when starting a blog. But rarely do you find what not to do when starting a blog.

You’re in luck because this post is about what not to do when starting a blog. To get you started on the right track you need to know these common blogging mistakes most bloggers make but no one talks about. 

1. Keep your day job

Don’t quit your job just yet. For a lot of different reasons. 

  1. You don’t know if you’ll like blogging.
  2. Making money from it is not a guarantee.
  3. You don’t know if you will be able to do it for years

Bottom line. Don’t quit your day job

2. Don’t expect an income right away

This ties in with tip number one. Don’t expect to make money right off the bat. No one knows how long it will take you to start making money. Everybody is different. 

If it took someone 3 months that doesn’t mean the same will happen for you. It can take you much longer. Earning your blog depends on a lot of factors. 

Don’t believe anyone that says they earned money in their first month. While it’s possible, it rarely happens. Many of those bloggers have previously failed blogs that they conveniently forget to mention. Or they could have a huge social media following. 

It will take a while to see results from your blog. So be patient and keep at it.

3. Say no to free hosting

You might be broke but don’t ever start your blog on a free host. Unless you are just doing it for fun and don’t plan to monetize it. Because you won’t make any money from a free blogging platform.

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4. Don’t blog only when in the mood

Treat your blog like a business from the get-go. Don’t work only on it when you feel like it. You have to blog consistently. Otherwise, you won’t see much, if any growth.

Put everything you’ve got into it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Blogging can change your life. It has for so many others. There is no reason why it can’t happen for you too. 

But you have to show up every day, not only when you feel like it. You will see a massive improvement when you do that.

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5. Remember your health

We tend to forget to look after ourselves when we are passionately pursuing our dreams. You have this unreachable goal and all you want to do is reach it.

We forget to eat and sleep for only a few hours at night. Now granted, we can get away with it for a while. It’s part of our hassle right? This is called the grind. We have to work hard in the beginning.

But we have to look after ourselves too. Don’t work hard forever. Know when to stop and take a break. Eat a healthy balanced meal. Meals can be prepared and planned ahead of time.

Staying healthy is important to live a long life. You don’t want to work so hard and not be able to enjoy all you’ve accomplished. So when you are tired, sleep. Eat healthily and avoid too much coffee and junk food. 

I know we need the caffeine but limit it to only two to three cups a day. Be strict and don’t compromise with your health. Also, make time for exercise. You will be under a tremendous amount of stress. Release it by exercising at least three times a week 

6. Do not neglect your family 

Yes, you are doing this for your family. But don’t neglect them. Make time for your family. Give them your undivided attention when you are not working. 

You can eat your meals together and talk about what’s going on in their lives. You have to eat anyway. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. 

Stay interested in their lives and make sure they are doing ok. Block off time for fun activities as well. Gives you a break from blogging for a while too. 

Work hard but not at the expense of your family. They still need you. And depending on how old they are, they might not understand why you are working so much lately. Explain to them according to their age why mommy is working so hard. Kids understand more than we realize.

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7. Avoid going in to debt

Try at all costs not to go into debt. Especially if you are already struggling financially. Rather save up or do some freelance work to get the money together for your domain and hosting.

That’s all you need to start your blogging journey, in my opinion. Use a free theme while you grow your blog. Once you start making money you can buy all the addons. Blogging courses will help grow your blogging business faster.

8. Don’t become obsessed 

It’s very easy to become consumed by your goals and dreams. Especially blogging because there is just so much to learn and do, and you are the only one working on your business. You get sucked into the blogging underworld and can’t seem to find your way out.

9. Trying to please everyone

When You try to please everyone, you please no one. You can’t be everything for everybody. It’s impossible. Focus on one topic and master it. Be an expert in that field. 

10. Do not pick a niche you hate

Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time. Don’t pick a niche you hate because you won’t last. 

Pick a blog topic that you can talk about for years. That is essentially what you will be doing. And if you hate what you’re blogging about, you will be miserable and give up.

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11. Do not give up

Things will get through. You will make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes you will be at your wit’s end. Not knowing what to do. And you will want to quit. 

Don’t give up. Ever. Keep trying. Work harder when you don’t see progress. At the end of that dark tunnel is a success.

Nothing in life comes easy. You have to work for what you want.

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Conclusion to what not to do when starting a blog

There you have my 11 tips of what not to do when starting a blog. These are the common blogging mistakes most bloggers make but do talk about. 

You mostly hear about not forgetting to start an email list.

Picking a fast blogging platform.

Not wasting time on your blog layout and focusing on creating quality content.

And these are true and very important. But we forget to focus on ourselves and what we personally do wrong. I think these tips are more important, because if we are not doing well, neither will our blogs.

Now tell me what do you think is important not to do when starting a blog?