What to buy a blogger gift guide

What to buy a blogger gift guide

What to buy a blogger gift guide

Introduction to what to buy a blogger gift guide

Are you wondering what to buy a blogger for Christmas? What are the best gift guides for bloggers this year? Whether it’s a Christmas gift or just congratulations on starting a blog gift, I got you covered.

What to buy a blogger gift guide has 24 gifts to choose from. Ensuring you find the perfect, most fitting gift for a blogger family member or friend of yours.

I have compiled the perfect list of gift ideas that real bloggers want.

Maybe you are a blogger yourself and want to spoil yourself for all your hard work this year. Or want your family to buy you a gift but they have no idea.

Give them these done-for-you gift guide ideas that they can choose from to suit their pocket.

Being a blogger is no easy feat. We wear so many hats. And therefore we need a lot of tools to help us accomplish all our tasks. Which will improve our productivity, creativity and motivate us to take our blogs to the next level. 

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Let’s get into what you can buy a blogger for Christmas, the holidays, or just as a gift.

1.Journal / Notebook/ Diary for 2022

I think the number one thing bloggers need is notebooks, journals, and diaries. To write our thoughts, goals, and business plan in. A place to think, plan and strategize. I have filled up so many notebooks and never have enough. 

Journals are one of the most valuable tools bloggers need. Most people think better on paper. Even though we can do most things on our laptops, writing it down just feels better. 

Not forgetting journaling your problems down in your journal, brain dumping everything to think clearer.

Blog post ideas also strike at the oddest times. Having a notebook on hand is perfect for jotting down your ideas. You can never have too many books to write stuff in.

A diary is very personal. Much more so than a notebook or journal. It’s for your most personal thoughts. Very useful to have on top of your journal and notebook. Don’t forget to get pens as well. 

2. Blog Planner

A Blog planner is also at the top of a blogger’s list. Everybody loves a decent planner. We wear so many hats and live busy lives. Juggling so many things, that we need to have it all planned and written out.

A blog planner helps you get the most out of your day, week, month, and year. It keeps you on track with your blogging goals.

3. Stock photography Subscription 

Bloggers need so many pictures and images for their blogs. Human beings are very visual. Most of us don’t have the time to take beautiful professional photos. So a stock photo subscription would be an invaluable asset to a blogger.

Blogging does have its legal aspects. Legal pages are an important part of a blogger business. Because you don’t want to be sued. So legal pages would be a very nice gift for a blogger.

5. Blog Theme 

Some bloggers usually are too cash-strapped to invest in a good theme. There are so many other blogging expenses to think about that they just use free themes. A nice, good, fast, beautiful theme would be a very nice gift to have for a blogger. 

6. Laptop

A laptop is essential for every blogger’s business. Some of us are using very old slow laptops. A fast new laptop will be such a lovely gift for a blogger with an old laptop.

7. Laptop bag

Don’t forget a bag to carry your laptop in when you need a change of scenery. A lot of bloggers like to change up their work environment and work at coffee shops.

8. Desk organizer & accessories set 

Having a neat and beautiful workspace does something to your productivity. Working in a beautiful workspace brings joy and pleasure to anyone. 

9. Camera

A decent camera to take high-quality photos is non-negotiable these days. You need a DSLR camera, the two main brands to look out for are Canon and Nikon. A camera is a must if you take your photos, especially if you are a food or travel blogger.

10. Webcam

Having a webcam is not just for bloggers who create videos. Beginner bloggers might not need it now but they will in the future. For webinars, short videos clips, zoom calls and so much more down the line. 

11. Ring Light

You need good lighting for everything. Even if you just take photos. It will make your photos turn out more professional. So even if the blogger in your life doesn’t do video it is still useful for pictures. 

12. Microphone 

Again not something every blogger might need now. But in their blogging journey, they will need it.  So a microphone is a definite plus for a blogger.

13. Portable Battery 

As a blogger, you can never have too many portable batteries. Bloggers often attend events, sponsorships, and conferences for social media. They need their smartphones to be charged constantly. A portable battery will ensure we don’t run out of battery on these trips.

14. Noise-canceling earbuds

I don’t know about you. But I have kids. And sometimes when I work they make so much noise that I can’t even concentrate. Believe me when I tell you noise-canceling earbuds would be an excellent gift.

It seems like such a small thing, but it can make a huge difference in how you run your blog, your productivity, and how much you get done. It’s a great gift for any blogger who wants to block out all the noise and focus on their tasks.

15. Blogging Courses 

What most bloggers want to do is grow their blogs into successful blogging businesses. For that, they need to take courses. That can get expensive. On top of their other blogging expenses.

They would love a course that will help them do just that.

Some of the courses bloggers need are:

How to start a blog by Susie. Her blog by number course for beginners.

Another course bloggers would love is an affiliate marketing course to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

And an SEO for beginners course that will grow their traffic. Because our number one goal is to grow our traffic. 

16. Web Hosting with Bluehost

If a blogger is thinking about starting a blog. This is a perfect gift for them. Hosting with Bluehost.

Bluehost is one of the cheapest, most excellent beginner blogging web hostings for bloggers. They will love you for this gift. Bluehost has a one-click installation that will ensure a smooth setup process and save them the headache of hours and hours of work.

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17. Canva

Canva Pro subscription is another nice gift that a blogger would appreciate. In canva, you create beautiful images for your blog with tons of pictures and templates that make it easier to run your blog.

I simply love canva and cannot do without it. If your blogger friend is not a very creative person, Canva is perfect to help them create beautiful images for their blogging business.

18. Pin Templates 

Like canva, pin templates make your job so much easier. The templates are already done for you. All you have to do is add your branding to make the images yours. That is the work almost done for you.

You get beautiful pictures and save yourself hours of taking pictures yourself.

19. Books about blogging

Being an informed blogger is crucial to our businesses. And that means reading a lot of books about blogging. Because the more we read, the more we know.

Books about blogging accelerate our learning process. The author has already gone through the learning process and is saving you time by teaching you what took them years to learn, in an hour of reading a book. It’s very beneficial to read a lot of different books about blogging.

Here are some books about blogging:

  1. How to blog for profit: Without selling your soul
  2. ProBlogger: Secrets for blogging your way to a Six-Figure income

20. Coffee Machine 

Caffeine is a very powerful drug. It keeps us sane. Especially when we have to work through the night or get up early to do work. Coffee is without a doubt the most important thing in a blogger’s world. 

We will not be able to do without it. So a coffee machine is a definite yes for a blogger.

21. Coffee and Tea

Like I just said, bloggers can’t go without their coffee or tea (for all our tea lovers). We drink a lot of it. We would not be able to get so much done without it. 

22. Mugs

Let’s not forget mugs. Some super cute blogging mugs are available that would make for a thoughtful gift in a blogger’s life.

23. Candy

Okay. I know I said I can’t go without coffee. But the thing I really, really can’t go without, is chocolate. 

Chocolate makes us feel really happy. Sometimes we need a little extra to survive this blogging world.  

Candy and chocolate are very luxurious indulgences. Believe me, when you say if you buy a blogger luxury chocolate items they will love you.

24. Blogging T-Shirts

Us bloggers are very proud to be called bloggers. Mostly because people don’t know what we do. They underestimate all the hard work that goes into being a blogger. 

So, we want to boldly confess (on t-shirts) that we are bloggers. That way no one has to ask what we do, they’ll know. Cool gift.

Conclusion to what to buy a blogger gift guide

And there you have it. A gift guide for what to buy a blogger for Christmas. 24 gifts that a blogger can not only use but need, and will want to have as a gift to help them grow their blogging business.

Just think how good it will make you feel to be part of their growth process. This is not just a gift, it’s an investment into their future. To make their dreams become a reality and you can be a part of that.