What to do instead of blogging

Is there any alternative to blogging in 2022? 

What to do if you don’t want to blog

Introduction to what to do instead of blogging 

Do people still blog? Is blogging still profitable in 2022?

Yes. Blogging is still profitable in 2022. But it is not for everyone. Not everyone likes to write. I do. But let me tell you that even I have days where I really don’t feel like writing. Days where I feel drained and get depressed just thinking about coming up with content to write. 

So imagine someone who hates writing, starts a blog and is miserable all the time. That’s no way to live. Not even for all the money in the world. 

But what if you don’t want or even like to blog? 

Good question. 

Don’t do things just because it’s popular. Or because culture says you should. Do something because you love it. You’ll be much better at it and a happier person.

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Here are the best alternatives to blogging. Find something you think will be a good fit for you. 

7 Things to do instead of blogging 

1. Affiliate Marketing 

This is not a surprise because everybody nowadays seems to do affiliate marketing. And for good reason. Because it is really easy to get started. You don’t even need an investment.

Affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to earn money online. Not that it’s easy, it’s just quicker than blogging. Because blogging does take some time to gain momentum and make money. But with affiliate marketing, you can promote your products directly to your audience.

It’s especially easier when you already have an existing audience that you’ve built up, and that is interested in the products you are selling. What’s great is you don’t have to write a lot of content like blog posts to promote your affiliate links. 

Some affiliate links can be promoted with just a pin on Pinterest if you already have an existing following on the platform and on any other social media accounts you have.

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2. YouTube 

If you don’t like to write and you love to be on video and talking to people, then YouTube would be perfect for you. I know it’s not an option for me because I don’t like to be seen. I like to write. 

But some people just love the attention and they thrive on video. Which makes YouTube a perfect fit for someone like that. And video is what people consume more than anything else these days. 

Because everybody wants something quick and easy. It’s easier to listen to and watch something than it is to read a blog post. This is why most people prefer video.

3. Start a Podcast 

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular every year. Everybody seems to start a podcast these days. It’s easier than writing and you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. 

This is great for people who don’t want to be on camera or people who don’t like to write. So maybe a podcast would be a good alternative for someone like that. 

A podcast is almost just like an audio tape where the viewer can listen to it while doing other things. And that is cool because people are so busy nowadays that we love things where we can learn and grow while carrying on with our busy lives.

4. Hire a blogging copywriter 

If you really want to do blogging, you can still do it. By hiring a copywriter to write all your blog content for you. And yes you will have to pay someone to create the content. But if you really don’t love to write and you have the money, this would be a way for you to blog. 

You will of course recoup all the money spent on the blog as long as you maintain your blog and are prepared to do the other tasks that are involved with upkeeping a blog.

5. Writing books and Ebooks 

It’s easier than ever to write and publish books. Amazon has made it super easy for you to become an author. All you have to do is write your book, publish it on Amazon and make sure you do the marketing to get sales for your book.

Now of course this is not for everybody. Because if you do not like to write, which is why you don’t want to do blogging in the first place, then writing a book will definitely not be for you. However, this is a good option because you write the book once-off, then you just market and sell it. 

All you have to then do is get your book out there on as many platforms as possible. Whereas with blogging you have to keep creating content to maintain your blog. So if you don’t mind working for a while on a book that will pay for itself repeatedly, then this might be a good option for you.

6. Create courses

If you are knowledgeable on a certain topic. You can create a course on it and sell it to your target audience. Yes, it’s better when you have a blog to promote your courses. 

But with social media and with us being on every platform, you can build up your social media accounts and sell your courses on every platform. You can even pay for ads on Facebook to promote your courses. You do not need a blog to sell your courses.

7. Write for Medium

If you don’t want to commit to having a blog but still love to write now and then, you can write for medium. You can write and publish content on medium whenever you feel inspired or have something great that you’d like to share with people.

That way you can get a feel for whether writing is for you or not. And decide if you want to commit to writing full-time on your own blog. Medium is a great place to start and to figure out whether you love writing or not.

Conclusion to 7 things to do instead of blogging 

And there you have it. There are many alternative things you can do instead of blogging. Just because a lot of people are blogging doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.

Find something that you truly love to do and do it with all your heart. And it will become successful. But you have to be disciplined and passionate. Because if you blog and you hate it you won’t succeed. 

You won’t have the passion and the drive to work on your blogging business. Instead, do something else that you enjoy and he will see success.